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Well, I am just informed through the excellent Veneremur Cernui blog that, hear hear, over half of all sexual assaults in military are of a homosexual nature

That’s some busy faggot, I daresay.

Faggots now “working” in what is supposed to be the most powerful army on earth, and is rapidly emasculating itself in a way that would remind one of the Roman Empire, if the latter had ever tolerated fags among their soldiers.

Have some fun with the figures in the article (brutal number reality, not sociological analysis) and reflect on the effect the “gayness” (English: faggotry) now paving its dirty way in the US Military will have in five or ten years. Manly men will be more and more unmotivated to choose the profession, as the bitches slowly take over the shop. The homosexual culture will advance without pause, until they have “sensitivity courses” for soldiers.

Oops, I think they have…

This is going to be very bad, and very “gay”. Like the so-called Anglican priests, but without the collar.

Allow me to quote the author of the blog post.

This is insane.


Leftist Magazine Spot On On The Curia

That we live in strange and disturbing times is further demonstrated by this article published from the online version of the clearly leftist Italian magazine “L'Espresso”.

The interview to Camillo Ruini in the wake of the latest American judicial abomination is certainly interesting, but what is most interesting are two points in the introductory part of the article:

1. The Pope's silence in front of the homosexual perversion encourages dissenting bishops and even Cardinals.

2. The confusion reigning in the mind of these prelates is a far more serious problem than the inadequacy of the Vatican's administrative structure.

Both points are, of you ask me, very apposite. It's impossible not to notice a massive intervention of the Pope in the matter would change the nature of the conflict. The Pontiff's inaction is, if you ask me, a dereliction of duty for which he will have to answer one day.

As to the second point, I did not think I would see the day when even a leftist magazine ridicules Vatican prelates for being confused in their Catholicism.

V II is the gift that keeps on giving.



Narratives On Hell

Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog


It is perhaps useful to reflect a bit about the different ways Catholics see hell. This will certainly not be new to any reader, but might be of some use for the non-readers of their acquaintance.

Probably a sizeable minority of baptised Catholics do not believe in hell. They are in most cases not aware that this is contradiction with Christian teaching. Hell is simply not on their radar screen, the priests they occasionally talk to accurately avoids the subject (he is so focused on being “nice”, you know) and, on the rare occasions when they darken the doors of a church, for example for a funeral, Father is so full of implicit heavenly promises the thought would never occur to them that hell really is an option. It is noted that some theologians of fame defend this position by making of hell an empty place – which amounts…

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