Well, I am just informed through the excellent Veneremur Cernui blog that, hear hear, over half of all sexual assaults in military are of a homosexual nature

That’s some busy faggot, I daresay.

Faggots now “working” in what is supposed to be the most powerful army on earth, and is rapidly emasculating itself in a way that would remind one of the Roman Empire, if the latter had ever tolerated fags among their soldiers.

Have some fun with the figures in the article (brutal number reality, not sociological analysis) and reflect on the effect the “gayness” (English: faggotry) now paving its dirty way in the US Military will have in five or ten years. Manly men will be more and more unmotivated to choose the profession, as the bitches slowly take over the shop. The homosexual culture will advance without pause, until they have “sensitivity courses” for soldiers.

Oops, I think they have…

This is going to be very bad, and very “gay”. Like the so-called Anglican priests, but without the collar.

Allow me to quote the author of the blog post.

This is insane.


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  1. Our priest gave a very serious homily on Sunday about why homosexual marriage is evil. We were shocked, and glad, and then there’s this:

    The real villains in this case are not just the pervs who did this, but the press, and the government, who tells the people, the stupid, gullible, just wanting to get along people, that homosexuality is normal, and that homosexuals can marry and adopt children.

    We must stand up against this madness, even if it cost us our lives. Does anyone think that by ‘merely’ accepting their degeneracy that all will be peaceful and normal? It won’t be. What they want is judgment-free access to children. Homosexuals are not born this way, they are created.

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    • Under “appearance” on your “dashboard” (when you log in) there are the “widgets”. You drag them into the sidebar and give them the appropriate content. For some reasons I still have not understood, sometimes it does not work with me, but for easy things (photos, text) it does.


  3. New lines for the Air Force hymn “Off we go into the buttocks yonder, flying low into the crack…”

  4. Patrick Gray

    Mrs Jewel: that was an excellent post. A warning before I go on – I am going to be very blunt and refer to some very unpleasant things, so I would advise any women not to read on and Mundabor not to publish it if he thinks it is too vile.

    Homosexuality is disgusting (it makes me nearly physically sick), unwholesome and foul. It seems to rot with a sickeningly sweet stench of effeminate degeneracy, a disgusting perversion of what is wholesome and sweet and clean in a girl made foul and grotesque in these mincing buggers who should be flogged through every public street. They are low and filthy and degenerate.

    Homosexuality and paedarasty are the same thing. A classical education, followed by some reading into ancient Greece and Rome (which I bitterly regret, [reading about Greece, not the classical education] it is very far from pleasant) will show very clearly that ‘homosexuality’ is the perverted and foully unnatural desire for young boys. Look at Athens or Sparta. The wild efforts of the press to distinguish between the two only push them closer together. Our history books tell us that an acceptance of homosexuality really means an acceptance of paedarasty.

    • Patrick Gray

      I ought to add that while I am both very lucky (public displays of perversion, as I read about in the newspapers, are entirely unknown in the Highlands of Scotland) and ill qualified to comment (I am not married, so of course I do not have children), it must be extremely difficult to raise children in this time, free from degeneracy. My mother did very well – how she and my aunt did it still staggers me – in keeping me safe.

      I cannot understand why people are not instinctively disgusted – sodomy is against nature as well as against God – why a physical sickness and, I am sorry, a hot hatred and anger does not flare up inside them at the sight of these perverts.

    • Too vile? Not at all! Why would you think that?

      I do not think that homosexuality and pederasty are the same thing, in the sense that homosexuals are ipso facto pederasts; but I am sure I see, like many others, a strong connection, in the sense that a perverted male is not unlikely to be attracted to pubescent boys. The extreme effort the fags one notices in the street of Central London put in place to look like boys is, I think, evidence enough of this.


  5. Patrick Gray

    Mundabor – I was worried the fact I was discussing a perversion in some detail might be unpleasant for some Catholic readers, e.g. women, as it is so disgusting.

    Regarding the connection between the two vices, I wonder. Still, I don’t think dredging around in the filth of these perverts’ minds can do much. I find it very upsetting that buggers are so visible in London. I will say again how foul it is and why, why the world cannot now see it? Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Yes, perversion is disgusting, but I personally set the bar at graphic images. I have not publiched the video of the beheading of the poor martyr in Syria, and do not publish those photos of aborted babies, for which I think this is not the place.

      If it’s about text, I do publish.


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