New Evangelisation At Work




News from the New Liturgical Movement.

A good soul converts the papal encyclical (available in the public domain) into a .pdf and many other formats to make it more widely available. Gratis et amore dei, of course.

Then he posts it on his website, earning the thanks of his readers. The site is clearly non commercial.

Do you know what happens next? Both the Vatican and the USCCB ask that he takes it down.

That’s the “New Evangelisation” for you, then.

I wonder whether I was allowed to publish all those photos of Pope Francis?

As the Italians say, the mother of the idiot is always pregnant. 



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  1. I never support the USCCB in any way imaginable… Idiots.

  2. The New Evangelization is taking place in one sphere as far as I can tell and that is in Traditional Catholic Blogging. You, Father Z., Rorate Caeli, etc. Thank you.

  3. Oh yes, and dear Michael Voris, at ChurchMilitantTV, plugging away daily to tell it like it is. His is a model of Charity. I will be visiting the Detroit area in September and hope to drop by his studio to convey thanks.

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