Political Correctness Is The Death Of Reason

Currently employed as Prime Minister.

Currently employed as Prime Minister.

And it came to pass the British Fag Government decided words mean what they would like them to, and brains can be switched off at leisure.

As a consequence, men can be called “wives” and women “husbands”. 

One would say this is too stupid even for Maria Miller and David Cameron, but this is not the case. 

Not only David Cameron and Maria Miller are so stupid, but so is a country that has decided not to think, in order that it might feel good with itself.

Satanical. Preposterous, but still satanical.


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  1. vermontcrank1

    Cultural Marxism

  2. pity the children
    being raised in our crazy
    world of make believe

  3. shieldsheafson

    Soc. And when the orator instead of putting an ass in the place of a horse puts good for evil being himself as ignorant of their true nature as the city on which he imposes is ignorant; and having studied the notions of the multitude, falsely persuades them not about “the shadow of an ass,” which he confounds with a horse, but about good which he confounds with evil-what will be the harvest which rhetoric will be likely to gather after the sowing of that seed?

    Phaedr. The reverse of good.

    Plato: Phaedrus

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