Bishop Warns Pelosi, Sebelius They March Toward Damnation

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There is no denying if Bishop Jenky of Peoria, Illinois occupied the place of, say, Archbishop Niederauer of San Francisco a couple of things would go differently in the old U S of A.

As things stand, Bishop Jenky cannot excommunicate that walking joke of a soi-disant Catholic answering to the name of Nancy Pelosi; nor can he do the same with Sebelius, though the latter is – if memory serves – excluded from communion anyway.

What Bishop Jenky did do, though, is to clearly warn the two aged witches their behaviour is putting their salvation at risk, the day will come when they have to give account, and it won’t be funny. Considering none of the two ladies is in her first bloom, the warning assumes an even more significant meaning.

With the occasion I must admit I learned only today Sebelius is in the business of “human services”…

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