Breaking News: Pope Is Not A Criminal Against Humanity

idiot_inside-logo-FFDFB24F41-seeklogo.comMy twelve – well, perhaps at this point twenty-four – readers might have noticed the reblogged SNAP post. In this blog post I point out to a thing or two concerning this funny bunch of reverse geniuses. 

It seems now the chaps and chappettes at SNAPS are even worse than we thought, as I am informed from Father Z’s blog  the International Court of Justice in The Hague – those who have put on trial, among others, the late Slobodan Milosevic and now Ratko Mladic – has decided they will not prosecute the Pope for crimes against humanity. 

The translation in proper English of the court motivation can be given with “children, please go play in the park, the adults have important things to do”, or alternatively “we do not examine bogus claims of time wasters in search of an ego trip”. 

I must have read somewhere these people say they are Catholics. Don’t shoot on me, though. Relata refero.

Still, the life of a Catholic is certainly made more interesting by this kind of news…


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