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Some Controversial Words About World Youth Day

Ever wondered why he never organised such gatherings as the WYD?

Ever wondered why he never organised such gatherings as the WYD?

Well, I must say it. Some of you won’t like it, but I have to say it.

Soon, countless parents will allow their daughters to fly to Rio, not only at great expense but also in the midst of countless hormone-laden boys; who might be Catholic (some of them certainly are; not very many, methinks) but are also boys.

One wonders whether the Pre-Conciliar church would have encouraged the gathering of minors in such big groups, without parental supervision, and actually with the usual feeling linked to being alone, young, and free, with adult supervision that must perforce be very defective – and I can only imagine how few of them care in the first place – on the other side of the planet. It truly astonishes one how the modern age refuses to think. *

In my age, parents refused permission to their daughters of eighteen or nineteen to even go out with the school for two nights, where a mistake would have branded them as sluts for all ages to come. They weren’t being “oppressive”, those parents; merely prudent, and using basic common sense. They instilled in their families a strong sense of propriety; of avoiding not only sin, but the occasions of sin.  Of doing what is right, and being seen as doing what is right. *

Well, I went to Wikipedia then, to see what is what. Turns out the first World Youth Day was promoted by Pope Blessed JP II in 1985. Definitely not a Church tradition, then.

How they managed before, is beyond me. All this youth without world youth day, how did the Church do proper evangelisation work? By teaching them the catechism..??

Nowadays, the post-conciliar church gives a plenary indulgence (difficult to obtain as it is, of course) to people sending their children without parental supervision the other side of the planet.

Verkehrte Welt.

Thankfully, the Pope will make an appeal asking the families not to send their children away at great expense, but to give the money to the poor instead. Which is only fitting, as there can be no expenses more dispensable than these ones…

Erm, no, wait… he didn’t! Can’t believe it. Can someone check, please?  

If you listen to me, you don’t send your daughter – or even boy; but particularly your daughter – to the world youth thingy.


* This, my dear reader, certainly does not apply to your daughter. I am absolutely sure your daughter is above suspicion, your boy is very well behaved, and you are merely enjoying the fruits of the very wise raising of your children. If something should happen, though, I hope you will not complain on my comment box.

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