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SSPX And Criticism

Rorate Caeli has, as always, useful insights about the latest in the matter of the Society: the ultra liberal priest claiming he knows of impending ordinations, and the alleged new bridge built towards the Vatican.

As to the first piece of news, I agree with everyone else the idea that the progressive priest may have first-hand information about top secret SSPX matters is beyond stupid; but as the very concept of progressive priest is beyond stupid, I am not surprised.

Allow me to reflect, though, that if Archbishop Mueller thinks he can play the tough guy with them and sends messages of total closure, it might be actually very good if one or two of these ordinations would, in fact, take place. The SSPX have recently lost one of their bishops and the other three aren't getting younger, either, whilst the organisation expands like the Wehrmacht in 1941. If the likes of Mueller suffer under the delusion that they can play the old waiting game again, the appointment of one or two (or three) of the best forty-something the SSPX can offer would cure them immediately. Nor is it clear to me what the Vatican would do that could work as a real deterrent: they refuse to consider the SSPX “in good standing” anyway, and the excommunications would not be a cause for concern for anyone.

On the other matter, I am personally unable to see the element of novelty. The SSPX had already made clear they are happy to be reconciled if they are allowed to criticise and can protect their own ways – keeping their own seminaries, say, and keeping them free of Neo-Modernist infiltration – . I do not remember any harsh internal criticism to this position than from the very small Williamson troops, whilst the other two bishops did criticise, but toed the line in the end. If the Vatican were to offer reconciliation without strings attached, I for myself am unable to see what would be wrong with that; unless, of course, one considers the Vatican a satanical den of iniquity able to pollute the best by mere association; at which point one would have to recognise he has become a Sedevacantist in all but name.

What must in my eyes always be kept in mind is that this situation is a means to an end, not a badge of orthodoxy. The SSPX existed for several years without excommunicated priests and without anyone talking of “imperfect communion” (a term which did not even exist). Therefore, if the reconciliation without string attached were to be offered, I find it rather obvious the SSPX would accept it; as well they should.


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