Charity Taking

Easy emotionalism

The Internet initiative and site “charity giving” has just been suspended by the Charity Commission.

Apparently, no accounts have been filed for three years (probably whilst the Charity Commission was fast asleep) and now no less than £250,000 might have been used by the organisation to feed … itself rather than those charities the money was meant to be given to, giving to the expression “charity begins at home” a novel meaning.

Yours truly observes these events and notices how the progressive, in the Anglo-Saxon country very advanced process of de-Christianisation has caused money traditionally given to religious organisations to be channelled to fully secular outfits instead. In fact, chariteeee giving being the substitute of religion for so many, this is not surprising. Even Atheists need to feel good about themselves. They generally need to shout it, too.

So, what was once done pretty efficiently and without clamour – then the left hand must not know what the right hand does – is now done in an extremely wasteful way – expenses ratios of 30, 40 or more percent aren't a rarity – whilst every nincompoop feels the need to shout to the world how good he or she or it is. “Help my chariteeeee” must be, surely, the most pronounced phrase after “good morning”.

Atheism begets selfishness, which in turn begets stupidity. Giving money to a church is just old-fashioned. Better give it to people you don't know and have never heard of.

Very smart.

As the donors of the missing £250,000 have just discovered.



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  1. radjalemagnifique

    Same thing in France. For the annuel “Téléthon” (for myopaths), collecting pharaonic amounts of money, only 1,98 % go to the research, the rest is for expenses. (Data from about 2011.) The attitude of the donors is like what you say.

    Radja le Magnifique

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