The Culprits Among Us

The recent news – largely expected, but shocking nevertheless – that perversion will soon be called “marriage” in a country obviously longing for damnation is occasion of some reflection as to how we could come to this.

However I turn it, it seems to me the usual suspects are not the most important players in Satan's chess game. Besides being rather obvious that perverts in the hands of the devil make his and their work, it must be noted that these are very probably less than 1% of the population. They alone would have never been more decisive than my cat in bringing about this abomination.

No, the culprits are among us, and in order to find them you only need to look around you on the bus, in the train, or at the farmers' market.

The nice old woman who always thought it beneath her to be hostile to “gays”; the teacher who has been blabbering about “tolerance” without having a clue of what tolerance really is; the law-abiding citizen who pays his taxes and cares more about the state of his garden than of his soul; the growing army of emasculated manginas, raised by frustrated single mothers desperately looking for you-know-what, but teaching their sons to eschew anything remotely resembling virility, and their daughters to hate the female role; the army of deluded people thinking they are “conservative” because they read the “Daily Telegraph”, but are unable to even notice what a den of faggotry that rag has become; in short, polite Little England with the tea and the scones, the tennis and the cricket: I blame them first and foremost for this, because if they had wanted to see – metaphorically speaking – the blood of Cameron and Miller on the pavement, the little whores of XXI-century British politics would have never thought of even starting this.

If this country has some balls left, Cameron and Miller will be (politically) massacred in the next very few years. Highly improbable, though, because if this had been the case the Camerons and Millers of the world would have noticed it, and would have refrained from jumping into the abyss for the sake of a couple of perverts.

In this life, Cameron and Miller will probably get away with this whilst Little England goes merrily on with its afternoon teas; but make no mistake, bar an always welcome repentance their punishment will be horrible in the life to come. Also, be under no illusion that millions of souls in this once great Contry are now at risk, and will discover in the next decades – as the big drip works its magic – what fools they have been. An entire country takes leave from basic Christianity, and very few seem to notice, let alone care.

More tea, Mrs Nice? Perhaps a dollop of eternal torment, too?



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  1. Same argument applies here in America, and everywhere else that the “tail wags the dog” just fill in the blanks. Come Lord Jesus!

  2. Excellent. Absolutely excellent. The appalling rot of liberalism and humanism has meant that the majority of Britons actually want and actively support a foul perversion. It is not being foisted upon Britain, Britain is taking on Sodom and Gomorrah willingly. It is so rotten it wants evil and thinks evil good. It is ‘Lord of the World’, through and through. You and I (and all faithful Catholics)are foreigners in our own country, following another loyalty, answering another law, amongst a heathen and alien people.

    You must read it – by far the most prophetic, most chilling and most thoroughly accurate book I have ever read – we are already on the way there – but also in a way a glorious book as Mgr. Benson knows, as we know, that Our Lord will come back and Holy Church will triumph in the end, but millions of souls will be lost.

    ‘The world depicted in Lord of the World is one where creeping secularism and Godless humanism have triumphed over religion and traditional morality. It is a world where philosophical relativism has triumphed over objectivity; a world where, in the name of tolerance, religious doctrine is not tolerated. It is a world where euthanasia is practiced widely and religion hardly practiced at all’. There is a compulsory ‘religion of humanity’, a unified, atheist Europe, cultural Marxism (Mgr. Benson calls it ‘Herveism’) is absolutely universal. In short, it is the modern world, just before the reign of the Antichrist.God forgive my country for this!

    The only thing Mgr. Benson did not foresee is the Council. Mr. Evelyn Waugh said that “the buggering up of the Church is a deep sorrow to me… We write letters to the paper. A fat lot of good that does.” The Church is the last great bastion of the defence against the Modern Dark Age. The ravaging of the Church Militant on Earth by the heresy of Modernism and all the detestable changes – the new men, the Modernist, ecumenical, we-are-church heretical brigade – has plunged everything into a great darkness and one I do not believe will be lifted until Our Lord comes back. We are living deep in the new dark ages Waugh saw – God gave him the grace to die in 1966.

    The ‘Daily-Telegraph’ is a rag – a ‘Catholic’ commentator on that august periodical was lauding the virtues of a bugger. The ‘conservatives’ of that sort are shams. ‘Polite’, ‘inoffensive’ weak, cowardly fools are the weapons of the Devil. They are the Fr. Francises (LoTW), the cowards who abandon the truth – and their souls – to eke out a little ease and the flattering plaudits of the world.

    Pray that I might persevere, that we all might persevere, until Our Lord comes back! I know this is very long, as long as a blog post, so please forgive me.

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