Mob Justice And The Church In The US.

George Zimmerman

I have followed the Zimmerman trial like a well-informed European might do, and what I have seen was shocking. The decision to arrest and prosecute made more than 40 days after the event, basically to appease the mob; the main witness (on whom, as I understand, the entire prosecution was in fact based) unworthy of being taken seriously by a kindergarten audience; an entire deck of race cards played during and after the trial – often by Whites; astonishing country – and a huge pressure put on the jury not to be the “cause” of riots by doing what they think it's right.

All of this is blessedly absent from Continental Europe, and only mildly applicable to Britain. I can't imagine, and in fact am unable to remember, a trial being initiated, ceteris paribus, in any Western European country. Not even Britain.

Why is that? Because in European Countries prosecution is not dependent from the whim of the mob.

As a European, one can only look in disbelief at a trial which, it appears to me, the prosecutors felt at some point obliged to put in motion – well knowing the probability of conviction was very thin – because of mob pressure. One is reminded of the witch trial in the famous Monthy Phyton movie. None of this would have happened in Europe: not the trial, not the shameless racial spectacles applied to every detail of it, not the pressure on the jurors. From our perspective, poor George Zimmerman was the sacrificial lamb of a deeply flawed legal system, which positively encourages senseless prosecutions so that the mob may be appeased, at least for the moment. The widely-drummed possibility of riots in case of a certain decision was also beyond disgusting, and shows not only the willingness of Black activists to use the implied threat, but also the rapacious attitude of the press, not thinking twice before evoking ghosts which must, at some point, become very real.

As I followed the trial, I wondered whether the obvious flaws of the system did not play a role in the priest abuse scandal. When prosecutions are determined from the mood of the mob, what prevents a flood of prosecutions against priests being initiated merely to let the elected prosecutors look good? I have read of people accusing long deceased priests of sexual misconduct, sixty or seventy years after the fact, and found it astonishing anyone coming out with such accusations would be taken seriously for a moment. Heck, in civilised countries like Italy you have statute of limitation (if memory serves, 20 or maximum 25 years) even for murder, and in my time crimes against humanity were the only ones exempted from it.

If a trial like George Zimmerman's could take place, which trial couldn't? If trials are initiated because a certain interest group feels victimised, how many will ride this train in the hope of easy money? If a person can be accused of misconduct thirty years after his death, because a solvent Diocese can be made to pay, what will stop a wave of entirely invented accusations? How is it that in countries with non mob-dependent prosecution offices – and where the employer cannot be made liable for the criminal offence of the employee – like Italy and Germany the scale of the problem is a tiny fraction of what has happened in the US? Do Italians and Germans not care for justice? Are their legal systems deeply flawed? Or is it rather so, that these legal systems are not easily manipulated by those trying to make a quick buck, and completely closed to exploitation by pressure groups?

And by the way, is there another country on earth where the President intervenes in an ongoing trial and says if he had a child, he would be like the deceased? What madness is that? How can this be accepted of anyone with a public office, much less the one with the supreme office? If the deceased and the President had been both Whites, and the accused Black, what would have happened?

Heavens, the most powerful Country on earth has a joke of a justice system. Is it a surprise the rich Catholic dioceses of this country are targeted?


P.s. a word to the wise: this is not about Zimmerman's trial per se. Whinings of one-legged, bleeding heart, “human rights” lesbians will be culled without mercy.


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  1. Is is a travesty, yes. It is unbelievable that Obama would make such a statement, but he is beyond belief in so many ways. Did you also know that George Zimmerman himself is partially African on his mother’s side? She is from Peru, so he has considerable Hispanic blood as well, but the press made him out to be a White Supramacist. Sheer insanity. Zimmerman himself voted for Obama and has helped fatherless black boys as a role model before this incident!

    I would like to direct you to a voice of reason in our media, a one Michelle Malkin. Check out her blog if you have not already done so. She is often on TV here and calling out the insanity wherever she sees it. She is one brave cookie. Also, check out the comments on her blog below the cartoon of the mother caressing her son before he goes out to buy a soda and candy. Rich stuff.

  2. Zimmerman was not wise in his handling of the situation. The police dispatcher advised him not to get out of his car (he did anyway) or to engage the suspect, since officers were on the way (he engaged anyway).

    Although he was not wise, there was still no evidence to pursue the charge. Mob rules, and President Obummer and his minions feed the insanity.

    • When someone dies, at some point it might well be said that one wasn’t wise, or could have done this differently, or that. All very easy to do, when one is not having his head smashed against a slab of concrete by a “kid” in his physical prime, probably weighting around 80 kilos and who has already broken, innocent lamb that he is, one’s nose.

      The police told Zimmerman to stay in the car, but I am unable to see why he should have done what the police said to him, nor can I see why the police having told him to stay in the car made it unwise to decide to follow his lead. They certainly wanted to protect him; but if he has the guts to go anyway, bully for him! This is the spirit that made America, the police telling the man to wait for them is the America that made Obama.

      Of course we weren’t there, and everyone of us would have done something differently (and perhaps worse).

      I got the picture of a fine man and citizen, who would never have gone on the bench if the race situation had been the inverse one.

      The standard can never be the one of abstract perfect wisdom after the fact. Not in normal circumstances, much less in a trial for murder/manslaughter.


  3. The sad reality is that this case was sold to the public as racism from the very begining. The first news reports of the incident began with the sentence that a black teen male was shot and killed by a white adult. No other facts or circumstances reported until the end of the article. News in this country is a consumer product that is marketed by the Press.

    A few days after the death of Martin, a protest of approx. 250 students at a predominantly black college here in Dallas, occurred. On that same day there was a protest of over 1000 people in front of Dallas City Hall against the recent HHS Mandate concerting contraceptives and abortion. Which protest do you think got coverage in the local new broadcasts and was on the front page of the local paper the next day?

    This was another sick depraved dance in “race relations” in the US since the 1970’s. In the past it was the Race Hustlers (Sharpton, Jackson, et al.) and the Press who benfited from this. This time around it was the Federal Gov’t via the Justice Dept. that got in on the act to reap what benefits could be obtained. Sharpton and Jackson will be able to shake some money out of guilt ridden liberals, the Press was able to maintain its viewers in hopes of squeezing more revenue from its advertisers and Obama was able to shore-up his support among blacks after his “evolution” on marriage. Martin is still dead. Zimmerman’s life will be a struggle. And in the end nothing will change for blacks in America: the high unemployment rate among blacks will continue, the high incarceration rate for black men will continue, the number of black children being raised in fatherless homes will continue to increase and 51% of black pregnancies will end in abortion. The destruction of the family knows nothing about “civil rights” and “equality.”

    A good expose on this is Tom Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities” written in 1987. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Yes,
      I arrived “late” in the matter, but to this European it is utterly shocking how the question of “race” overshadowed everything. In Europe the question would have been “is this an excess of legitimate defence”, and the debate would have been – admitting for a moment neighbourhood watch can be armed – about the desire to protect one’s community against the dangers of something going badly wrong.

      Not so in this case. I truly get mad when I see people saying on Tv things like “as a black woman” commenting on what Titius or Caius has said or done. No one should give a sh!t whether you’re black or not, dear lady (I certainly don’t), nor should this have the slightest impact on what you think and say. Still, the media all joyously rode the tiger, contributing to the racial hysteria of the entire proceedings.

      Obama was truly below the gutter level. That was electoral campaign-Obama, this is even more evil than normal-Obama.


      P.s. I read the book in 1992, after the Los Angeles riots. I became a fan of the man and am to this day, though some things of him I don’t like.

  4. vermontcrank1

    The cops are always telling non-cops to stay out of the way so they can arrive too late at the scene of the crime and have one of their CSI experts tape-off the area while another and chalks an outline of where the victim was found.

    What happend twixt Mr. Z and Mr. T was a sad, but hopefully increasing, number of instances, where some negro jumped who he thought was an unarmed man and then suffered the consequences.

    More and more white Americans are arming themselves precisely because of the political policies of liberals.

    Any American who has not read “The Color of Crime” nor read John Derbyshire’s “the Talk” is not well prepared to move safely about in the streets of America.

  5. Mundabor,
    I do not have any confidence in the German judicial system as it tends to let even dangerous criminals go free on the most flimsy of pretexts, especially if they are politically-motivated leftists or (more or less) young foreigners of a certain religion that shall not be named (but you will know the correct one…). Judges can be blinded by their own ideologies as well, and there are many ideological judges in Germany. But even here such a travesty would not be possible.

    As I understand it, Zimmerman was attacked in a very violent, life-threatening manner. He defended himself proportionately with a weapon he legally owned. He did nothing wrong. If more people had the ability to defend themselves like he did, there would be less crime and more justice.

    But if you let the mob elect rulers, you’ll get mob rule. No surprise.

  6. I can’t understand how the Zimmerman case ever got to a jury. Surely after Obama’s highly prejudicial remark (and him a graduate of Harvard Law School!) the judge should have ruled that a fair trial was impossible. Don’t they give the accused protection from prominent politicians who strongly imply an opinion in the US? I would have loved it if the liberals had been able to blame Obama for an acquittal by the judge. The jurors are heroes, let’s hope that they don’t have to suffer for it.

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