Queen Barefoota Introduces Herself.

Enjoyable show of an atheist fag making the best publicity to Christianity and to heterosexuality. 

“If you become a fag, you will be like him”, I picture passing-by mothers telling to their terrified sons.

Look at the coolness of the guy with the sign, how he makes the idiot (probably on drugs; perhaps he sold his shoes to buy them) get madder and madder.

Police managed to calm him down, though. 

Alas, I hate to say this, but this is a suicide or a massacre waiting to happen.

He amuses the passers-by, though.

I hope Satan gives us more like him. The man is a walking testimonial for… us. 


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  1. “Are you capable of holding a conversation?”

    “Only with rational people.” (Says the barefoot man as he screams!)


  2. I find it very interesting that militant atheists feel the need to scream at Christians, or debate them, or attempt to debunk them, or whatever… If they truly didn’t believe that God existed, why wouldn’t an atheist just laugh to himself about how “deluded” we are, and get on with life? Why the need to go around and try and destroy the Church? Seems a lot more like militant Satanism than atheism to me.

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