Michael Voris, Homo Adoption And The Grand-Grandparents

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Wise words from Michael Voris about adoption and why a child can’t be abused to satisfy the ego of perverts playing “normal”. It is in fact a telling sign of the times that a society completely obsessed with child abuse when it is an excuse to bash the Catholic Church doesn’t see child abuse in letting a poor little boy or girl grow up in a dysfunctional, sexually deviant environment of self-hatred and all-round bitchiness.

Then we wonder in disbelief how it could be that in the Eighties attraction for children was considered by so many – and so many progressive priests, it must be said, and homos, it must also be said – a minor problem, easily curable with appropriate attention and perhaps not even to be taken so seriously: because it was politically correct to think that way, that’s why.

A most interesting observation, particularly pleasing…

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