World Shut Up Day

In the meantime, abortion and perversion were advancing everywhere...

The soon to be staged World Youth Day (an exercise of dubious morality in itself) will be another good example of the way Catholics the world over dumb themselves into the childish belief things are fine, because a lot of people gather together.

The V II Church has lost not only every desire for, but the notion itself of confrontation. When a message is propagated, it is a message “for something”, but never against someone. This would be considered Un-churchy, or perhaps simply not effeminate enough.

The crowds gathering in Brazil will hear the usual waffle: youth, the future, joy, peace, hope, joy, happiness, social justice, joy, “getting out of oneself”, celebration, joy and, most probably, more joy.

What will remain unsaid is the immense sterility of fuzzy feelings that do not translate in concrete action, nor will we hear a word about the toothlessness of churchmen unable to do anything else than “celebrate” and waffle about “joy” as if they were motivational speakers, or mental therapists. Nonsense about social justice and aiding and abetting of illegal immigration will, no doubt, play a very important role.

Brazil and Ireland, two Countries with strong Catholic roots, are about to introduce abortion legislation. As the Church is still powerful in these two Countries, already the fact such measures are discussed is ample demonstration of the tragic – wanted? – lack of effectiveness of their respective Church.

If in both these Countries the Church had kept a sound, healthy desire for confrontation with the world, such measures would not be even discussed, because to propose them would mean the political demise of everyone foolish enough to do so. If the Church had the old sound thinking (that a politician goes against the Church at his own peril), only fringe groups not interested in mainstream voters – and despised by them – would dare to defy her.

A Church able and willing to fight in a Catholic country is a Church that even dictators must reckon with, and no moderate politician worth his salt will openly defy. The defiance of a supposedly “Catholic” politician to Catholic rules already shows the Church in that country has been decaying for several years, preferring cowardly retreat to open confrontation.

Even in a Country with a sizeable Catholic minority, an assertive Church would inspire pure terror in every “moderate” politician: Britain with its 4.5 million Catholics and 1 million weekly churchgoers would spell death for every politician the bishops would decide to take in their sights until his political annihilation; and when the latter takes place it would be sufficient reason for everyone else to keep schtum. Imagine Cameron savagely attacked as a persecutor of Christian day in and day out from the more than thirty bishops in Britain: in less than two years he would be more embarrassing for the party than if he was a child rapist. To be seen as dead man walking means, for a politician, to be dead already. Everyone would do everything he can to avoid it. You make an example of one, you teach proper manners to countless others. Punirne uno per educarne cento.

Does any of this happen in Brazil, in Germany, in Austria, in Ireland? Does any politician put his career on the line, who dares to defy Catholic values? The answer to this very rhetorical question is the reason why Catholicism is on the defensive all over the West (including South America).

At the WYD, instead of proper confrontation brace yourself for more inane waffle, to which the Bishop of Rome will give his, as usual, inane contribution.

Peace here, social justice there, bla bla, joy, luv, bla bla, dialogue, bla, “spirit”, “celebration, bla, youth, bla, bla, & bla.

Weeks later, Brazil will have its abortion legislation in place.



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  1. vermontcrank1

    Does any politician put his career on the line, who dares to defy Catholic values?

    Pope Francis will talk about new evangelisation this and one i siding with the world values of the devil if he doesn’t preach Christ that but he refused to preach Jesus to the Jews he had an occasion to speak to the ENTIRE Hierarchy refuses to put dialogue on the line by confessing that The Catholic Church IS the Church of Christ and the jews and the prots must convert.

    If they did that that would be the END of dialogue; that s to say, our Hierarchy likes meetings and chatting and breaks for buffet and EVERY SINGLE DIME they waste on that complete waste of time (dialogue) is money stolen from the poor but you won;t hear Poe Francis saying that

    Put that in your progressive pipes and smoke it ya pansies

  2. The silence from the Hierarchy in Ireland has been deafening. Proof, if any such were needed, that the fortress has been betrayed even by those who should have defended it. All of the opposition to the legislation so far has come from lay groups, particularly Youth Defence.

    • Can’t imagine anything like that happening before V II. Can you?

      The disgraceful V II clergy has first destroyed Catholic instruction and Catholic spirit; now they sy “what can we do, Catholics don’t follow us…”.


  3. I like your point about the Church being on the defensive.

    Any “warrior” knows that it is always the worst places to be. You want to make the other guy defend himself – not you.

    It is definitely something that needs to be corrected, and I agree that it could be corrected if the Church was to return to a stance of true authority.

    This is why the signs of authority, while pompous and aggravating when donned by those not in such positions, are needed by those in them – most especially the pope.

    To my mind, a Pope who strives to remain humble, yet takes up the old externals, is showing to the world that he is not just a priest or even a bishop – he is the leader of the worlds Catholics.

    And that helps put him in a position to stop defending himself and start setting the tone for truth.

    • Conversely, the one who does not wear the Mozzetta and wants to be a “bishops” shows that whilst he does not dislike public shows of “humility” he is very much averse to use the authority of a Pope to defend Christianity.


  4. As a priest working in Ireland for nearly thirty years I have seen a massive decline in the vibrancy of the faith. The rot has truly penetrated the Church at every level, with many dissident priests and disaffected laity. I know of mass goers and people who pray the rosary everyday who have “no big problem” with the abortion legislation being introduced and can see no problem with the “same-sex marriage” abomination that is almost upon us.
    There is some kind of massive disconnect between their practice of the faith and what they actually believe. Surely, this is an indicator of the crisis that has gripped the Church and there is no end in sight. The same old drivel is spouted from the “establishment” Church and the old failed strategies are rehashed while the meltdown continues. For me WYD is just another of these jamborees that end-up going nowhere. People aren’t young forever, as youth the true need is for a solid grounding in the faith, so that they may be equipped for the spiritual struggle ahead in which their immortal souls are at stake.
    Your right, M, about the same old “speak” and clichés that will be trotted out by ecclesiatics hellbent on carving out a Church in their own image.

  5. Bother! I left it unfinished. This is the real post:

    An ecumenical council (mercifully not an infallible one!) says that Moslems and Jews, not to mention bongo-bongo idol worshippers, can all go to Heaven, a mutilated Mass, Office and Ritual, ecumenism, Assisi, nuns-in-miniskirts, World Youth Days, heresy and sacrilege abounding, buggers can now enter into a parody of marriage, Mgr. R.H. Benson’s books look less like prophecy and more like travel guides, Modernism is as rampant now as it was in 1975 and the Sovereign Pontiff appears to be more concerned about freebooting Mohammedans in Lampedusa (did I mention that the cry of the muezzin can literally be heard in Rome?) and priests driving expensive motor-cars!
    (Cut from my post on the Catholic Herald)

    Meanwhile, World Youth Day rattles on with ‘peace’, ‘luv’! (ha!) ‘social justice’ and platitudes. They’ve not only betrayed the fortress, they tore down the bastions of Holy Church – Pascendi, the Syllabus, the Oath Against Modernism – and let the foe pour in. Holy Church was the last bastion of the defence and now it is in crisis with heresy and Modernism propagated for the last fifty years.

    We are living in the Modern Dark Age.

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