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I have read around in a blog I prefer not to mention an interesting post concerning “intrinsic disorder”. Leaving aside the sugary parts (the “thoughtful debate” therein mentioned, with the perfectly meaningless conclusion that “the Church must listen to the gay community”, but also “the gay community must listen to the Church”, which is a soundbite meaning perfectly nothing) what surprised me is the analogy between gluttony and homosexuality. The very fact that such an analogy could be made is in my eyes another example of a subterranean Protestant current easily to be found in Anglo-Saxon countries, perhaps not at an explicit level (the blogger in question does not make the comparison; many of the author’s readers will), but certainly at the level of underlying mental and moral category.

To an Italian, to even think to put gluttony and homosexuality on the same plane of “intrinsic disorder” flies…

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  1. Thank you for reposting these articles.

    The Bible reveals that sexual degeneracy and homosexuality, in particular, is a consequence of a nation’s impenitent abandonment of God. And, further, that God’s wrath and judgement follows such an abandonment.

    So, it seems to me, the increase and widespread acceptance of the perversity of homosexuality is a symptom and a consequence of a much deeper spiritual malaise. Saint Paul sees homosexuality as evidence of an individual being in total revolt against God – an active, persistent rebellion that amounts to wilful, aggressive, sedition.

    So no Christian can defend homosexuality. As Saint Paul says of those engaging in such acts: “They are without excuse”.

    How should faithful Catholics respond to homosexuals who are in our midst and most especially those in our congregations?

    • Interesting reflection about the collective phenomenon. In fact, it can be very easily observed all over the West the widespread abandonment of Christian thinking led to the widespread acceptance of sexual perversion.

      As to the way to deal with it, I use the system I call “brutality in charity”: you make clear you speak because you have another’s salvation at heart, and then you tell him or her very clearly the position they have or the life they lead will, unless they repent, cause them to go to hell.

      Mind, though, that all this should be made in prudence. A wise man will know when it’s the right time to speak, but one word spoken at the right time will never be forgotten. I have a personal rule: I set an invidible fence beforehand, with “catholicism” on it, and whoever invades the space is in for a big fight. I will not be the first starting it, but just say a word and you’ll have more than you’ve bargained for. It costs some adrenaline nd you will lose some friends, but other friends will esteem you the more.

      I must always smile at those Proddies in London shouting “repent!” To passers-by. They only want to feel good with themselves. Prudence is the art of being strong at the right time, without being stupid because you can’t recognise the time. But one must train himself to be strong first, because unfortunately it will not work without fight; unless you are one of those “tolerant” people at risk of hell, that is.

      You will, of course, be hated by some. Par for the course. Rejoice. You will be much respected by others, too.


  2. Bless you for this advice.

    Tolerance of sin, my own or others, has never been one of my qualities!

  3. I meant to add that my faith in the indefectibility of Catholic doctrine is confirmed every time I read Humanae Vitea and consider the pressure on Pope Paul VI at the time.

    The other ‘churches’, and some claiming to be Catholic, placed a distorted compassion before God’s will when they conceded contraception, an intrinsic evil, as acceptable. Support for abortion and homosexuality were bound to follow.

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