Thomas Peters Update

With great pleasure I publish this from Ed Peter’s facebook page, which I took from Father Z’s blog:

It looks like no surgery, and Thom will go straight to a fixed halo. Docs are optimistic that pressure on spinal cord will reduce on its own. Lungs almost back to normal, so probably will start weaning from breathing tube today. That’s esp. good news, as Thomas cannot talk with tubing in, but does not yet have enough hand control to sign (Thom knows ASL from his sister Meg, of course). He is regaining sensation in his legs, and is wearing his glasses!

Whilst I am not a doctor, it seems to me complete recovery would be a possibility.

On a more moving note, you may want to read what his father also wrote:

I’m waiting to hear how the halo fitting went, and, thinking about Thomas, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him make an “irreversible” mistake, if you know what I mean, nor have I ever seen him make the same mistake twice. So, Lord, let him walk away from this one, in Your good time, because I know he’ll never do it again, and neither will anyone else who is close to him and who has learned deeply from this single unconsidered act. And God, please bless my daughter-in-law Natalie who has suddenly had to shoulder far more than either of them could have dreamt possible.

At the “he’ll never do it again” I could not refrain a tear or two.

In your charity, please pray for Thomas Peters. His was the first blog I regularly followed, and my first source of inspiration as a blog written by a layman when I started to blog. Whilst it might be exaggerated to say without his blog mine wouldn’t exist, it is fair to say his blog made sure mine would.



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  1. Thanks be to Almighty God and His angels and His saints!

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