Monsignor Ricca Caption Contest

This is the first Mundabor's Blog Caption Contest.

Please remain within the boundaries of the respect due to the Bishop of Rome.



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  1. Jorge, your complexion is in need of exfoliation, darling, and I know just the place…

  2. ‘Oh, it’s just some more egg on your face, Francis’

  3. Look into my eyes, directly into my eyes and repeat ‘a homosexual careerist is exactly what we need right now in a super sensitive role in the bank…’

  4. I’m so grateful Your Holiness. Running a guest house was such a ‘Fag’.

  5. A few ideas:
    1. Wolves in priests’ clothing after a meeting of the Town Council of Sodom.

    2. Good judgment suspended in mid-air.

    3. Pope Francis: Giving scandal is a virtue now.

    4. “St. Francis of Assisi just turned in his grave”, reliable eye witnesses say.

    5. Purity defiled: How to deter young men from entering the Holy Priesthood.

    6. Francis to enthusiastic supporters: “We must do something with the gay lobby…”

    7. Picture taken from “How to use the Papacy to encourage damnation of souls”, a new full-color textbook for young devils widely used at many infernal academies.

  6. “Now there is a difference between “agape” and “eros”. Such a mistake to have made. A letter from the CDF is in the post.”

  7. There was a long-running ad on UK TV which ended with a little song:
    “Now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face with mild green Fairy Liquid.”

  8. “You must tell me who your hair stylist and manicurist is. And I just love your cassock. Not too expensive, I trust.”

  9. “Let’s see what we can do.”

  10. You made it, big guy, just as I said you would. Now, come on – we have a Curia to ‘reform’!

  11. I don’t know why they call me Pinocchio! Oh there it goes again.

  12. Don’t worry Goligo, they’ll never find out…

  13. felicitasperpetua

    Bp. Bergoglio’s metrosexual makeover (AKA Queer Eye for the Straight Guy-Vatican Edition)

    “Georgie daaaarling! You look sooooooo pale. These artificial lights and the white cassock reaaaaally wash you out! Here’s some Estee Lauder blush (opens his purse, pulls out jar and dabs some hot pink creme blusher Bp of Rome’s cheek, steps back to take a look)…there, that’s sooooooo much better!…”

    “After” picture not available at time of writing.

  14. Hungry Eyes or Be My Baby (loverboy) songs from Dirty Dancing
    Both came to mind the second I saw this photo. Ricca is completely flirting with Bishop Francis sadly, Bishop Francis is not keeping his distance

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