Ricca Scandal: Bishop Francis Had Been Warned

Monsignor Ricca is a very tactile man...

I have learnt Sandro Magister had published a first article about Ricca on the 3 July.

I might be wrong, but this kind of article seems to me a “polite notice” of sort: the Bishop of Rome is generously given the opportunity to draw the consequences and save face, before the steamroller takes its course.

What I think happened is that “L'Espresso” sent the clear message they have the story and the story will come out, but Bishop Jorge is allowed to be proactive in the matter; not escaping a great embarrassment of course, but at least appearing as one who is good at understanding when he is wrong, and is rapid in his reactions when he is.

In fact, the embarrassing denial of the always embarrassing Father Lombardi – stating Bishop Francis was informed of the allegations, and found Ricca sound – might well refer to a scrutiny and conclusion which took place before the day the major bomb was dropped.

If this is true – and it appears very credible – then it is difficult not to see that this Pope isn't good at choosing people, or making difficult decisions. He is rather in his element when he can travel to Lampedusa pleading for illegal immigration, but when statesmanship – or simply leadership – is required he is simply nowhere. He was given – or should have recognised – an opportunity for damage control, and preferred to simply stick his head in the sand.

Allow me to say your typical Renaissance Prince would have done better.

Further elements appeared and are now scattered all over the press, but are all run by major newspapers.

1. Ricca was beaten several years ago in a place frequented by sodomites, where he apparently used to go frequently. Somehow, I can't imagine the cause of the quarrel was the filioque clause.

2. On another occasion, he remained stuck in a lift and was found in the company of a male sodomite prostitute known to the police. Think no evil?

3. He had quarters arranged for his “friend”, an officer of the Swiss army, in Uruguay. The arrangement was scandalous enough to be remembered today by many (the “Espresso” obviously has watertight and very detailed information on the matter).

4. This shrinking violet and beacon of priestly behaviour had the confidence of Pope Francis, who had lunch with him often. It is reported Pope Francis was “impressed” with the way Ricca ran the Domus Sanctae Marthae. I can imagine the conversation as follows: “We need a prelate for the bank, you say? Hhhmmm, let's see. There would be Ricca. Nice chap. I have lunch with him often. Cracks a lot of jokes, you see. Hey, he runs three hotels. Must be good enough for a bank then, eh? no?”.

Here we see the advantages of not living in the Papal apartments, and happily mixing with the happy (other word for happy: “gay”) crowd of the Vatican: the friendly folks who keep you in touch with reality and help you to make “reforms”.

5. It appears Francis also had had warnings from South American nuncios, who just days after the appointment informed him about his tragic mistake. This might have been before the warning shot of “L'Espresso” on the 3 July. Action taken? Nada.

Once again, a picture emerges of a person tragically out of his depth, but so persuaded of his own humbleness that he is impervious to common sense and sound thinking. When he chooses people of trust, they turn out to be miserable faggots frequenting the dirty underworld of sodomy, and paying for rent boys. When he is warned to admit the mistake and draw the consequences, he refuses to act. When the scandal erupts, he sends his own press man to say the sources are not trustworthy. When further details emerge, he again refuses to act. The … humbleness is breathtaking.

Trust me, this papacy promises to be extremely entertaining.

Bishop Francis flies to Brazil tomorrow, where no doubt he hopes the usual waffle about everything that is fashionable will put his humbleness front and centre, and the scandals in some dark background. We shall see. I am sure he will have fantastic coverage, but I truly do not think the press will stop sniffing in the matters of the Vatican. Particularly considering the happy instincts and prudent conduct of the present… Bishop of Rome.




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  1. Or perhaps Monsignor Ricca had a classical education: George, complexionis vestra indiget exfoliation delicias, et scio lustus locum…

  2. When I first saw the Rorate Ceali post, I though to myself, self, this has to be the work of those no good, uncharitable old reactionaries attached to their latin mass, maniples and secret words. And low and behold, we have this from the Damian Thompson at the DT:

    “In the past week, a couple of well-informed priests have contacted me about this crisis. Both noticed the same detail in Magister’s second report. When allegations about Ricca were flying around, one of the Vatican officials who apparently chose not to act was Giovanni Battista Re – who went on to become a cardinal and Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. Re is loathed by traditionalists, who blame him for undermining the pontificate of Benedict XVI; certainly as Prefect until 2010 he arranged the appointment of many bishops who were out of sympathy with Benedict’s liturgical and theological opinions – and, also, he didn’t handle the paedophile scandals with any skill. The last thing conservatives want is for Re to start flexing his muscles under the new regime; perhaps the Ricca affair will curb his ambitions.”

    Like they say in Brooklyn, who would have thunk?

    But not to worry. There is no way that such sordid details, let alone scandal are going to stand in Bishop Francis’s way of “cleaning up” the Curia. No sireeee.

  3. Patrick JK Gray

    This is just Vatican II in full swing, as it has been for fifty years. There is great rejoicing in Hell at times like these, as Rome, which should be fighting all of the abominations in the evil Modern Age, is saying and doing NOTHING, Modernism, degeneracy, pseudo-humanism and platitudes, while faggots’ marriage and abortion are making a rush to get in under the watch.

    Filth, filth and more filth – I imagine the Devil’s attacks will get stronger and stronger as he is making headway. God spare us all. I cannot remember if I have posted this before, but I suppose I can do no harm in repeating myself.

    I can excuse not wanting to think that the Church is in the worst crisis since St. Athanasius, but good grief, an ecumenical council (mercifully not an infallible one!) says that Moslems and Jews, not to mention bongo-bongo idol worshippers, can all go to Heaven, a mutilated Mass, Office and Ritual, ecumenism, Assisi, nuns-in-miniskirts, World Youth Days, heresy and sacrilege abounding.

    There has been an endless torrent of ordure from the world for fifty or sixty years – immodesty, degeneracy, buggers can now enter into a parody of marriage (and we are so rotten that people want it!), appalling, filthy books and television, ‘pop’ and ‘rock music’, fornication, contraception, child-murder, masturbation and worse (forgive me, I am being very blunt) are all seen as perfectly acceptable, marriage is not seen at all, little boys and girls are being corrupted by feminism and sodomy into being either mannish or effete, vile pagan filth and perversion is rampant.

    This disgusting scandal is just another attack.

    Mgr. R.H. Benson’s books look less like prophecy and more like travel guides, Modernism is as rampant now as it was in 1975 and the Sovereign Pontiff appears to be more concerned about freebooting Mohammedans in Lampedusa (did I mention that the cry of the muezzin can literally be heard in Rome?) and priests driving expensive motor-cars! The barbarians are well and truly in the saddle.

    Sorry, I rather lost my temper.

    • Bongo bongo players can in fact go to heaven one day, if they are very good and can plead invincible ignorance. I only doubt many of them do. The same applies, mutatis mutandis, to the Mohammedans.

      I have read a book of Benson that I found very good. He was a good and entertaining writer.


  4. Patrick JK Gray

    Oh yes, I’m aware of that. Baptismatio Flaminis or Baptism of Desire – I quote agree with you, though, that very few do so.

    There was a heretic called Fr. Leonard Feeney who said the opposite, but the less said about him the better. In good Pope Pius’ golden days, such heretics got the thrashing they deserved.

    Here’s the book I meant if you’d like it:

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