Ricca Scandal: Phone Calls, Newsagents, And Bishops.

The head of the Bishop's Conference in Uruguay confirmed the past of Monsignor Ricca, thus exposing once again the astonishing incompetence and unbelievable arrogance of the Bishop of Rome.

Father Lombardi has just finished to assure us Bishop Francis was, in fact, informed about the accusations, but found the sources “untrustworthy”. Strange. This a man who calls his newsagent to ask him to stop the newspaper subscription (living on Mars, the poor man couldn't know) but does not call his own people in Uruguay to ask what is what.

Add to this that for a high prelate to be forced to let the Bishop of Rome lose face in such a brutal manner the evidence against Ricca must be crushing, and probably growing by the hour. If this had not been the case, the Uruguayan prelate would have simply stalled with more neutral formulations like “we are looking into it”, or the like. Instead, the “dark past” of Monsignor Ricca was confirmed.

What does this tell us? That the Church is led, in the best case, by a rather childish man; one who appoints his lunch buddy to an important position, a person whose most important banking qualification consists in having run three hotels, and perhaps some accountancy skills; then runs into full denial mode when he is gently warned from several sides (south American Nuncios, and a professional magazine) that the appointment of the lunch buddy was a disastrous one; then, when the scandal explodes, reacts by having the press accused of being “untrustworthy”. I know who is untrustworthy.

The Germans call this Realitätsverlust: loss of the sense of reality. Exactly this is what is happening to Bishop Jorge, who thinks throwing toys out of the pram is the best way to react to a serious crisis.

We must face the sad reality that the Church is led by a man whose incompetence is only equalled by his arrogance; a man who talks a lot about humility, but whose actions show that he does not have a shred of it; a man who is digging his own grave every day with great alacrity, and has possibly not even begun to notice it.

Lies have short legs. To send Father Lombardi out to say the untruth (and I am being charitable) in front of the world press when every child must have known that this house of cards would tumble in a matter of hours is just plain delusional.

As I write this, Monsignor Ricca is still at his place. I expect a decision to be announced before the Bishop of Rome boards the plane to Rio. Even Bishop Jorge must know he is now in full grave-digging mode, and he must get out of this fast.

Heavens, at some point the loss of reality will have to stop.

Still, the cover of “Vanity Fair” was most surely deserved.



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  1. I distinctly remember the night of his election. The disastrous entry onto the loggia, the lack of warmth – it was sinister and my intuition said “no” immediately. Then the post on Rorate Caeli’s announcement of his election from an Argentinian Catholic who said we would all rue the day this man was elected: a boor, and a dictatorial one at that, a man who deals with conflictual situations by ignoring them (aka running away); a cultural snob of the worst sort – the hater of beauty. A man who uses toilet metaphors in his speech.

    All proved to be correct.

    God forgive me, I don’t like this man at all

  2. Still, the cover of “Vanity Fair” was most surely deserved.

    Very droll, Mundabor. Myself, I wonder if all this talk of scandalous foodhall company is giving ‘cafeteria Catholics’ a bad name.

    Surely there were less controversial hotel managers to be relied upon for Curial reform..

  3. My instinct is that he is a bit of a bully. He’s been a free agent far away from Rome, but the sophistication of The Vatican is a different matter. As for the cardinals who voted him to the chair of St. Peter in order to preserve their staus quo, they may be discovering the law of unintended consequences.

  4. Sounds all too true, sadly. I take comfort in the fact that the Church’s Head is Christ reigning in Heaven and that the Church has suffered worse in the past; what with multiple “Popes” and/or depraved men sitting upon the throne of Peter. I hope and pray that He will once again reign upon earth as well! Perhaps our Blessed Lord is allowing us to experience His own suffering and Heart-ache at the loss of souls, because of the loss of Faith. I dare say we were extraordinarily blessed in the Pontiffs of the last century, begining even with Gregory XVI. After Papa Pacelli, though, it seems to have been a slow decline of responsibility to “take the bull by the horns” come what may.

    • I am persuaded it is as you say. We are getting punished for our stupidity and the stupidity of the last 50 years.

      When the clergy started to lead the faithful astray, few were those who protested and reacted. Many were just not really interested – the same as today with the so-called “gay marriage” – or were positively delighted they could accommodate everything according to their wishes.

      Their daughters are now divorced, their nephews heathens.


  5. felicitasperpetua

    I wish I could share some of your optimism. Yes, we get the churchmen we deserve. The majority of pew-fillers care little about anything beyond lollipops and low-quality entertainment, so we can’t expect much more from our hierarchy. My hunch is that the scandal will damage the Church far more than knock some sense into the Bishop. Why? Because Bishop Bergoglio is the media’s pet but the media hate the Church and what’s authentically-Catholic. They’ll just keep on loving their man, but hate the institution, as they have always done. He’s no fool, our Bishop Bergoglio. He knows how to boost up his popularity and which groups to avoid offending at any cost. The Gospel for the 8th Sunday after Pentecost comes to mind (Luke 16, 1-9): “Make unto you friends of the mammon of iniquity, that when you shall fail, they may receive you into everlasting dwellings”.

    The other reason why a scandal won’t lead to a significant cleanup because of the modern Catholic’s bovine indifference (and 3 second-long attention span). Remember the 2002-3 scandals? Nothing much came out of them, except for providing another cheap excuse for apostasy and a handy arsenal for attacking the Church. I don’t know what happened elsewhere, but where I live some of the vermin stayed on and in positions where they able to continue to do harm.

    A crash course in humility would benefit the Bishop personally if he were disposed to learn, but this is not likely with a 76 yr. old with a hypertrophied ego.
    I’ll keep saying my prayers for the Sovereign Pontiff anyway.


    • I agree that some of the press will always support him, but I do not think he will make many friends in the long term anyway, as he gives them so many reasons to mock him.


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