World Waffle Day

Pope Francis is flying towards Brazil, and one already has the appetiser served on one's Internet plate: populism galore and personality cult like it's going out of fashion.

The Pope managed the unbelievable feat of carrying one bag – yes, my dear readers, it is not a typo: one black office bag – on the stairs leading to the aeroplane. I am surprised he survived the effort. Such a show of humility, and fully unaware of all the cameras! It reminds me of Jesus when he washed the feet of women and infidels…

After this astonishing, life-changing event – it must have been, because the news is just everywhere, as are the pictures – the Pope gave another clear Indication of his Leitmotiv for the next week: captatio benevolentiae of “the youth”, with their shameless flattery at the expense of, basically, the planet. Too many young people have no job, he complains. Too bad. Perhaps he will order three or four hundred millions of jobs on the Internet to accommodate the youth's wishes?

Whenever I thought I have heard already every possible piece of nonsense from the Catholic clergy, Bishop Francis persuades me I was wrong.

No doubt, the next days will give us some useful lessons in how to reorder the world economies.

This from one who, by his first important appointment, could do no better than picking a sod.



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  1. “World Waffle Day,” oh! good, I like maple syrup on mine ! LOL’s

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