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Helpers in high places. Very high places.

And so it came to pass the Bishop of Rome decided a sodomite can remain, at least for the moment, at the head of the scandal-plagued Vatican bank, probably because… he is too humble to kick the man out and admit he has made a huge mistake, and the chap is his lunch buddy.

The sodomites within the Vatican will be rejoicing: in Bishop Francis they have truly found a valiant ally, with no fear of ridicule or damnation.

At this point there can, in fact, not be any excuses anymore, and those who have kept dreaming about the oh so innocent Pope may wake up and smell the coffee. The crude reality of the matter is that even admitting the Bishop of Rome was not informed beforehand, he is most certainly informed now and is still doing nothing.

At this point, yours truly allows himself to say the Bishop's reaction does not allow one to exclude he was informed about Ricca's tendencies all right. If Bishop Francis had been duped, the only reasonable reaction would have been to immediately suspend Ricca and start an investigation about who kept information from him, and why. He does not do anything of the sort, and as I write “homo lunch buddy” remains at his place. Reach your own conclusions.

The best that can happen now is that Bishop Francis has given Ricca the opportunity to resign whilst he himself is in Brazil, in order not to give the impression the Monsignor got the boot from Francis. But even if this should happen, it would leave the Bishop's credibility – provided he ever had one – in tatters, being in front of serious Catholics the world over the man who puts his personal buddies before the reputation of Holy Mother Church.

As I write this, Bishop Francis is on an Alitalia aeroplane headed towards Brazil, where he will be for several days the object of deafening praise and worldwide flattering. He may well think he can, after all, leave everything as it is, waiting for the press to forget the matter.

If this is what he thinks, he is even more dangerous, and more arrogant, that I ever thought possible; and God knows I am not one of his admirers.

Still, the only reasonable hypothesis at the moment is that Ricca will be allowed a graceful exit from his position at the IOR, as everything else would be the purest madness.

As to Ricca he should, of course, be speedily defrocked.

Someway, I find it difficult to believe this is going to happen.



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  1. Patriarch Kyrll said yesterday that sodo-marriage is a harbinger of the approaching Second Coming of our Lord.

    I agree with him.

  2. I think pope Francis will do, what in German is called “die Sache aussitzen”. (to sit the issue out)
    This remembers me to a quotation from I guess Chesterton “Sometimes they sit and think and sometimes they only sit”

  3. And this is the man whom the NCR’s editors have called “a model of masculinity worth emulating”? How many of the youth there on holiday have any clue what masculinity is all about, I wonder. There’ll be plenty of hormones ranging, if the young women dress the way they often do to Mass and to VBS (which, at least in our parish, is a joke), but not much masculinity to celebrate if this is the example our new pope is giving.

    • No manly man I know would accept the company of a Monsignor Ricca.
      Not before knowing he is a faggot, most certainly not thereafter.

      Call Bishop Jorge what you want. An example of manly virtue he is not. Actually, by accepting to continue to be identified with his queer “friendship”, he must perforce be tainted by association.

      In my days, not even my communist uncle would have mixed with perverts. In the present days, the Pope does and is not in the least ashamed.


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