Rio: More Poison For The Patient

Short-term effect: Pope Benedict in the UK, 2010.

And so the gay-friendly – at least when they are his own buddies – Bishop of Rome is now in Rio, a place known all over the world for its spiritual atmosphere and culture of contemplation and asceticism. Apparently, the mission objective is supposed to be – besides the usual “youth” rhetoric – to revitalise Brazilian Catholicism.

Sandro Magister informs us not more than around two thirds of Brazilians are Catholics nowadays, with Proddies of a newer sort – those who believe in God, I am told – making massive inroads particularly in the big cities; in fact, the same source tells us in Rio the percentage of Catholics is merely 46%, thus making of them a minority compared to the population as a whole.

I have written in the past, but repeat today, that these short-term media exercises all have a short life. You'll hear a lot of people saying they are so “energised”, “inspired” or the like; but when you look at the long-term collective effect, you'll see it tends towards zero.

Pope Benedict XVI visited the UK in 2010 amongst crowds far, far exceeding the most optimistic expectations. Three years later, we have the so-called same sax marriage, and few of those who call themselves Catholic care a.. fag. Nor have his travels in Germany or the US or elsewhere left a permanent mark; nor did, in fact, his predecessor, with his huge theatrical streak, the earth-kissing and the like.

There is no reason whatever to believe the Bishop of Rome will have more success; actually, seeing the type one would be scared at the new Catholics he were to allegedly covert; but be not afraid: it won't happen.

These are media stunts; mere straw fires; the populace flocks to see the Pontiff largely because it's an “event”, something worth one's time in an age constantly looking for some form of excitement. I have actually even heard people saying a Papal visit is a “cultural” event. One doesn't need any sort of value investment to participate to such an event, nor will he take away anything durable from it.

Of course, here and there someone will be deeply impressed. Someone is always doing something. But it is very reasonable to assume serious work on the ground is far more important, and leads to far more serious conversions, than this kind of media circus.

On the contrary: the media circus tries to cure the disease administering more poison to the patience: more superficiality, more easy slogans, more entitlement mentality, more sneaking socialism: that is, more of what has caused the loss of faithful in the first place.

The real evangelisation is made with serious priests on the ground; reverent masses; proper Catholic instruction; open defence of Catholic values on the public square, and the courage to talk about the whole faith – including the unpleasant parts – rather than always hammering on the easy parts (the obsessive mantra of “joy” is the one that always amuses me most; it's like a motivational course for the kindergarten.

We are going to get an awful lot of this in the next days, including all the talk about how “energised” Brazil is. But it is just another straw fire.



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  1. Time to convert to the Orthodox Church, Rome is Apostate and it doesn’t look it’s going to change anymore.

    • What an intelligent thing to say, Dirk.

      Shall I wait long for the “worldwide judeo-Masonic conspiracy” or do you want to do me the favour and post it now?


    • adsalvandasanimas

      You mean convert to the Ecclesial Communion that sanctions objective mortal sin in the form of contraception and divorce/remarriage?

    • Please explain yourself, Sir.


    • adsalvandasanimas

      My apologies if you (i.e. Mundabor) received the wrong impression: my comment was directed at Dirk Milis, and was a simple statement of the unpleasant facts regarding the Eastern Orthodox.

    • My bad. I was the one not knowing the unpleasant facts concerning the Orthodox!


  2. Entirely agree with your analysis of wyd. Much of the mainstream catholic media are gushing about it but experience shows that these jamborees will have no or little effect in terms of renewing the faith. The Eucharistic Congress in Ireland last year is a prime example of this foolish strategy, not that a congress of itself is a bad thing, but the strategy of substituting a big media splash for solid formation in the Catholic Faith was always bound to fail. It’s okay making a big splash if you can swim but if you cant it’s just sink sink sink.

  3. Of course you are right, M. However, I thought that Benedict did not engage in hollow gestures and what he had to say was “meaty”. His Wednesday audiences far outnumbered JPII’s, I’m told. Benedict’s intellect is profound and crystalline. I found what he had to say totally irresistable and life-changing. I think the West was too far gone by the time he came on the scene and then his very unjust reputation preceded him. God’s Rotweiller! If only! Well, maybe not Rotweiller, but at least Alsatian…Now I fantasize about a Ranjith papacy or something similar. Maybe the best is yet to come! Hope springs eternal.

    • Oh yes, while the travels of Benedict had to have the same “straw fire effect”, there can be no doubt Benedict’s depth was a completely different one.

      One of the tragedy of our times is that nowadays people get a college degree and when they get out they are still so shallow and ignorant that they would never get the time to read what a Pope says, but are oh so impressed by the Pope carrying a bag on the aeroplane.


  4. Mundabor, it seems every day it gets worse. Will we have to join the sede vacantis brothers and sisters or become part of SPPX or what?

    • No, whatever happens you do not join the sedevacantists unless things become so bad even the SSPX says the seat is vacant.

      To become part of the SSPX means to be a priest, as far as I know, so that might not work either.. (to support them is, I think, a work of mercy that will yield much in heaven).

      I suggest we react by being even more firmly anchored – and better instructed – in the faith transmitted to us.


  5. Patrick JK Gray

    Justicia – if there is an SSPX chapel nearby (I live three hundred miles from the nearest) then certainly, certainly hear Mass there. They are basically our only hope – while the Society of St. Pius X endures, the Catholic Faith endures.

    PS – Mundabor – ad salvandas animas refers to the fact that the Russian, Greek, Rumanian… schismatics sanction the mortal sins of divorce (thrice!) and contraception.

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