World Youth Day: The Waffle Contest

Giant Waffle Contest: will you rise to the challenge?

After the unexpected success of the “Monsignor Ricca caption contest”, a new challenge for my very attentive readership.

Please post here in the next several days the most inane piece of waffle you have read from the “World Unwanted Pregnancy”, “what-have-they-done-to-my-child”, “oh darling, I had told you to take precautions” day, also called “let's hope they forget Ricca” Youth Day.

Admission criteria:

1. Maximum three periods. I know, this is though. I might accept four, if it's really good. But you are at risk.

2. It must sound good (as in: hip, modern, V II, anti-rosary: the “get out of yourself”, “don't be a bachelor” stuff) and

3. Must be nothing to do with your Granmother's Catholicism. In fact, if your grandmother would have recognised it as sound Catholicism, do not bother posting.

Please let us play fair: only direct quotations from Bishop Jorge or clerics directly involved with the proceedings or commenting on them. Laymen's comments accepted if they are stupid in a particularly deserving way.

Foreign languages are accepted if I understand at least what's going on (means: Italian, Spanish, German, or French).

“Ah”, “eh”, “no?” and the like are best left in the text. No editing. Let the “spirit” talk.

Last bit of advice: be shameless.

They are.



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  1. May I start?

    …this first trip of mine is to meet young people, (to see them) … not as isolated young people but immersed in their social context, in society. Because when we isolate young people, we do them an injustice: we take away their ‘belonging.

  2. So far, I’ve only read a few quotes: one from a nun who gushed that the young people there would have their faith enriched by being reminded that “we worship one God.” The other quote was from a guy who referred to Pope Francis’s visit as a coming-out party. But these did come from the Huffington Post.

  3. Not a quote, but….

    The power behind the throne. If it was a throne, that is.

  4. “We need saints who love the movies, dance, sports, theater. We need saints that are open sociable normal happy companions. we need saints who are in this world and who know how to enjoy the best in this world without being callous or mundane. We need saints.” Poem inspired by Blessed John Paul II but read by Pope Francis at WYD Rio De Janeiro 2013 Cause all the great Saints were like that!

    • Besides, do they get these oh so sociable saints?

      Do they?


    • Patrick JK Gray

      That slop is actually a list of the men who will never be Saints. ‘Normal happy companions’ means indulgent, wordly bunglers who go along with the modern world tip-toe-through-the-tulips into Hell! ‘Movies’ are Satanic. ‘Enjoying the world!’ Have any of these Modernists ever read ‘De Imitatione Christi’? Have they ever read Butler? The Modern World is evil, evil, evil. God give us fiery Saints and Martyrs, give us another Archbishop Lefebvre or Edmund Campion, give us men who will fight to the death for the Mass, the Faith and the Sacraments.

  5. “We are called to be protagonists of a new world,”

    Archbishop Tempesta, Rio, talking to the X-factor crowd.


  6. “Infect everyone with the joy and the peace of Christ, as sentinels of the morning, working for the renewal of the world in the light of God’s plan.”

    Rio. Archbishop Tempesta again.


  7. “… there’s a genius and there’s a spice to World Youth Day even apart from the Pope – there is a sense of cohesion in the faith of young people”

    Timothy Cardinal Dolan


  8. “Sorry, I don’t speak Brazilian. I’ll speak Spanish. Thank you, from bottom of my heart, for being here” -Pope Francis

    Shouldn’t that be Portuguese instead of Brazilian?


  9. The Protestant “Jesus as your drinking mate” theme:

    “Christ offers them (the young people) space, knowing that there is no force more powerful than the one released from the hearts of young people when they have been conquered by the experience of friendship with Him.”

    To be perfectly honest, I have had many protestant friends over the years, ( and one holy rolling pentacastol), but I was never able to grasp the “personal relationship with Jesus” part. Bad formation from all those years in Catholic schools, I recon.

  10. Couldn’t take the donkey on the plane:

    “Francis left Rio for Aparecida on an unusually cool morning, forgoing a limousine ride to the airport for a lift in the same simple Fiat he took into city after arriving Monday. His car was mobbed by thousands of well-wishers during his Monday drive, and the smiling pope shook hands and kissed a baby in the crowd.”

    Wonder if Bishop Jorge ever thinks about the jobs of the workers at those limousine factories that he is killing?

  11. Associated Press Headline picked up on Drudge Report

    “Slum Pope returns to slum with message of hope”

  12. So it turns out that saints quote I posted earlier is a hoax.

    The problem is that this does sound like something the current Bishop of Rome would say.

  13. “I want to tell you something. What is it that I expect as a consequence of World Youth Day? I want a mess. We knew that in Rio there would be great disorder, but I want trouble in the dioceses!” he said, speaking off the cuff in his native Spanish. “I want to see the church get closer to the people. I want to get rid of clericalism, the mundane, this closing ourselves off within ourselves, in our parishes, schools or structures. Because these need to get out!”


    • You are already the second pointing out to this. Sounds like institutionalised revolution and generally speaking dangerous 68-er waffle.

      But I am sure it makes him popular.

      Dissenters will be delighted.


  14. On Drudge’s link to AP, so it should be authentic:

    “Pope Francis has shown the world his rebellious side, urging young Catholics to shake up the church and make a “mess” in their dioceses by going out into the streets to spread the faith.”

    As I was reading this, it occured to me that these kids parents have been making a mess in their dioceses for the last 50 years. It is only right and fitting that the kids should want to continue the legacy. Now if he could just get the family pets in the game…..

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