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To Admonish The Sinner


Why are conservative Catholics so intent in bashing everything that is Un-Catholic? Why are they unable to just let people be, and embrace “tolerance”? Do they really need to show all the others how good they are? These questions fly around, more or less directly, in this or that blog post.

Perhaps yours truly should say a word or two.

The modern world – who doesn’t learn anything by heart, because it feels too smart for that – has forgotten that to admonish the sinner is not only acceptable, but highly desirable. It is, in fact, one of the spiritual works of mercy. The one who helps the other to understand the consequences of wrong behaviour truly is the one who often helps the wretched creature more than all others around him, and claiming to love him and to want his good, are doing. Lucky is the sinner who has someone with the gut to tell him what is what, and who might perhaps remember the lesson before it’s too late. Of course, a dose of prudence and intelligence will go a long way in lending more effectiveness to one’s merciful work, but the clumsy helper will always be preferable to the sleek accomplice in another’s sin.

What is true in the private sphere is more so in the public one. All those wannabe Catholics, or wannabe Christians, or wannabe nice people who give scandal and sabotage Catholicism in various ways cause a strong reaction from conservative Catholics. Why? Because generally speaking, conservative Catholics truly care. They care that others be not led astray by the false prophets and the fake slogans of our times, and they care that the evil spirits, who roam through the world seeking the ruin of souls, may have as difficult a job as possible. The world will hate these good souls, and the usual suspects – the ones who say they are tolerant and inclusive – will hate them most; but you see, in being so hated, these good souls are doing works of mercy.

As to the being good, my impression is that sound Catholicism works. Good conservative Catholic families tend to be happy and intacts, without drug or drink problems, no or far less divorces, no sluttish girls, and no tattoos. Families with a permissive attitude are, generally, those who have these problems, and their members – particularly the parents – must strain their tolerance and progressive attitude to show the world they haven’t failed after all. At some point, looking tolerant is better than looking plain stupid.

Come on now, call me a bigot. But you know I am right.

Let us pray for a world with more people like the Christians of old, to whom souls were more important than trees, and truth than niceness.


Reverse Evangelisation

Impressing the Contracepting: the Bishop of Rome, Francis.

In his most recent interview to the rag called national catholic reporter (all lower case), Archbishop Chaput makes several interesting points. One of those is that he has noticed – with some embarrassment, I am sure – that those who talk to him most often about the Pope are “non practicing Catholics or people who aren't Catholics or not even Christian”.

It is interesting that an Archbishop notices this, because if we trads do we are labelled as destructive, grumpy old men and women who will never be happy with less than Torquemada (may he rest in peace).

In the phenomenon noticed by the good Archbishop is reflected all the drama of the current papacy. It is evident to everyone with a brain that what attracts the above mentioned groups to Francis is not his Catholic talk, but his frequent departures from sound Catholic thinking.

The Bishop of Rome implying salvation for do-gooding, heart-bleeding Atheists attracts them to him because what he says – or implies – just isn't Catholic. The Bishop of Rome sabotaging ancient rules about Maundy Thursday Mass and even contravening to Canon Law precepts is not praised for his staunch Catholicism, but for his attacks to Catholic rules and traditions. The Pope not wearing the Mozzetta, using everyday cars, or wearing black shoes and calling oneself Bishop of Rome is praised not because he is seen as a great Pope, but because he is seen as downplaying the importance of the Papacy.

In short: the Bishop of Rome tends to be liked by the wrong crowds, for the wrong reasons.

How this can be seen as a positive is beyond me. If Bishop Francis were to extol the pleasure of marijuana smoking, of course all the potheads on the planet would consider him an extremely cool man.

This elementary truth does not touch the Bishop's supporters, of course. The always hilarious comment section of the ncr, a pit of dissent or outright perversion, is overflowing with those who praise the Bishop for his work of demolition, and call it very apposite and just the ticket.

What these people – among them the usual amount of perverts, as you would expect – do is actually prove our point: a Pope eschewing sound Catholicism for the sake of popularity will manage to be popular, but not really among the Catholics; nor will he make decent Catholics of his supporters.

The atheist or pervert supporting Bishop Francis isn't moved in the least away from atheism or perversion; he approves of Francis because he thinks that Francis approves him in his atheism or perversion. He wants the Church to become more atheist and more pervert, rather than wanting to become more Catholic himself.

The end result of this is that Bishop Francis ends up – unwittingly, of course – working against Catholicism, in a sort of “reverse evangelisation” that reinforces people in their error, because they see a pontiff bending over backwards to be as much like them as he can, and as least Pope as he can get away with.

A Pope not wanting to be Pope must surely be the wet dream of every enemy of the Church.

In the… bishop of Rome, they now have their man. Is it a surprise they show him their appreciation?



Rio: Archbishop Tempesta Gives Waffle Galore

The crowds found the nourishment absolutely delicious.

The crowds found the nourishment absolutely delicious.

Archbishop Tempesta buried his listeners under a huge cargo of marshmallows yesterday in Rio.

The link to the CNA article gives ample testimony of the kind of disastrous motivational speakers our clergy have become.

Peace & joy; joy & peace; feel good with yourselves; be “infectious” even if you couldn’t even recite the ten commandments to save your lives; recruit Copacabana’s beach as a reminder of the apostles (hey, do I really need to go to Mass, then? The saaaand and the seeeea all taaaaalk to me about Jeeeesus…)

To be “harbingers of peace and concord” means, in this context, absolutely nothing. If one lives in an environment dominated by sexual licence or sexual perversion, to be an “harbinger of peace and concord” means, for him and 99.9% of the hearers, to go on as usual and to not ever try to challenge anyone. 

There’s nothing else than that in the article. Marshmallows indigestion.

I am curious to see whether this entire gigantic kermesse will go to the end without one single reference to judgment and hell. And at this point one could rightly ask why all the talk in the first place: without fear of hell one could actually visit all the sauna clubs in Rio, obviously being a “harbinger of peace and concord” to all the masseuses he meets. 

But again, this is the Church of Bergoglio: all waffle, no substance.

Can’t wait for the socialist part.


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