Rio: Archbishop Tempesta Gives Waffle Galore

The crowds found the nourishment absolutely delicious.

The crowds found the nourishment absolutely delicious.

Archbishop Tempesta buried his listeners under a huge cargo of marshmallows yesterday in Rio.

The link to the CNA article gives ample testimony of the kind of disastrous motivational speakers our clergy have become.

Peace & joy; joy & peace; feel good with yourselves; be “infectious” even if you couldn’t even recite the ten commandments to save your lives; recruit Copacabana’s beach as a reminder of the apostles (hey, do I really need to go to Mass, then? The saaaand and the seeeea all taaaaalk to me about Jeeeesus…)

To be “harbingers of peace and concord” means, in this context, absolutely nothing. If one lives in an environment dominated by sexual licence or sexual perversion, to be an “harbinger of peace and concord” means, for him and 99.9% of the hearers, to go on as usual and to not ever try to challenge anyone. 

There’s nothing else than that in the article. Marshmallows indigestion.

I am curious to see whether this entire gigantic kermesse will go to the end without one single reference to judgment and hell. And at this point one could rightly ask why all the talk in the first place: without fear of hell one could actually visit all the sauna clubs in Rio, obviously being a “harbinger of peace and concord” to all the masseuses he meets. 

But again, this is the Church of Bergoglio: all waffle, no substance.

Can’t wait for the socialist part.


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  1. I missed the marshmallow homily, but the Archbishop’s preamble was a clear pointer to what was to come. Before I switched off at the, er, Gloria, I noted the Archbishop’s chair set way higher than the altar, the singers and choir taking up most of the televisuals and the unrelenting noise from the congregation, and I began to wonder about the absence of the golden calf (or, in this case, pewter).
    I pray for the sanity of Mgr. Guido Marini.

  2. Patrick JK Gray

    Posts like this, Mundabor, are why, if this was ‘Desert Island Disks’ I would choose Mundabor’s Blog as my luxury. You never fail to hit the nail on the head. Anyway…

    NewChurch is tip-toeing through the tulips on the way to Hell, with nice waffle and Socialist rubbish, ‘doctrine – pfah! No need to worry about that!’ Jeeesus is luv!’ Ooh… ‘Peace and joy, joy and peace’, don’t we all feel jolly good about ourselves, we’re the ‘youth’ and everythings’s going to be spiffy if only we become ‘harbingers of peace and concord’ and luv everyone – even perverts! Ooh!

    All of these ‘joyful youth’ according to even Damian Thompson, will be showered with prophylactics and kiss and drink and God forbid fornicate. Not a word condemning faggot marriage, not a word against Modernism or the Crisis in the Church, not a word against the evil, pernicious popular culture that NewChurch got drunk on at Vatican II. Bergoglio’s NewPontificate goes on and on, more whooping and cheering and more trash.

    Ireland has just legalised child-murder.
    Brazil is about to.
    Britain and France have legally recognized faggotry.

    Meanwhile, we have this heartening message from the prelates of the Church of Vatican II:
    Tip-toe through the tulips… da-da-da, da-da-da… tip-toe through the tulips…with me.

    • Thanks for the desert island preference! I hope they have a decent broadband.. 😉

      Nice song, too! Don’t tell the V I I bishops or we’ll have it in funeral masses to “celebrate” the deceased…


  3. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

  4. Yes, the mass was a dreadful spectacle, more like Eurovision meets XFactor. So much for Benedict’s reform. The homily was a gushing stream of piffle, devoid of any substance that would be of true worth to the young. It was half-an-hour of drivel that just became tedious. As for the music don’t get me started. Whatever happened to Holy Roman Catholic Church? This once splendid and beautiful Church has become a grotesque parody of itself.
    And the awful thing is that what we have seen so far are supporting acts, the main attraction is still to come.

  5. Archbishop Tempesta soon to be a Prince of the Church too! And possible Successor to Pope Francis in 20 years time, God Sparing, Good Pope Francis for that time so that the continuations of All the Reforms begun by Pope Paul VI may be fully completed !

  6. Or would you rather have the church go ‘backwards’ and fall into the ‘hands’ of these dangerous people! See: LOL’s!

  7. Mundabor, I like your blogg but I cannot understand for the life of me why you ‘fly the Papal flag’ to don’t respect the occupant! Why not then put up a sede vacantist flag! LOL’s

  8. Or even a ‘gone out for fishing’ notice !

  9. I’m afraid you are right Mundabor “schismatics’ indeed ! But of the worst kind “pernicious’ ones that ‘infect’ the church!

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