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  1. Visit the Imprisoned is missing in the new one. Also, more interesting, is the change in wording from “Admonish the Sinner” to “Advise the Sinner.” Giving advice is not the same as admonishing. Giving a thief directions to the nearest bank and tips on how to get the money and get out quickly is giving advice, though I doubt even the most wishy-washy of our bishops and priests would consider that a spiritual act of mercy.

    But the word “admonish” is SO pre-Vatican II.

    • Excellent! I also dislike the use of “harbour”, because the word “homeless” is clearly not PC enough. The “ransom” might have existed before, but I never liked it as the context is too far away from our times. “Visit” is certainly what is appropriate here.

      V II tries to sneak in everywhere….


  2. Patrick JK Gray

    The robust ‘admonish’ has been replaced with the maundering ‘advise’. Needless to say, the first looks hideous (an odd vine-type thing, what is that doing there?).

  3. Where is this from?

    • Google Image Search.

      I was looking for the image for the other post of yesterday, and almost published the image above before noticing the “small” matter of changing traditional Catholic teaching…


  4. Harboring someone sounds like a criminal endeavor, Mundabor. Harboring criminals. Shelter the homeless is different. The Social Justice League would make that mean turning a city into a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. So very often, their good intentions harbor criminals who perpetuate their wickedness on the innocent without fear of punishment.
    I notice the curious lack of Christ on His cross bridging that gap between the corporeal and the spiritual. Perhaps it was on purpose.

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