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Pope Francis strikes again, and much as one would avoid having to write about this disquieting man all the time, one is forced to say one or three words about it.

Rorate Caeli has the latest piece of waffle coming from the mouth of the Pontiff. Below the excerpt in its entirety.

In the Church therefore, there is a variety, a diversity of tasks and functions; there is not flat uniformity, but the wealth of gifts that the Holy Spirit distributes. However, there is communion and unity: all are in relation with each other and all combine to form a single vital body, deeply attached to Christ. Let us remember well: being part of the Church means being united to Christ and receiving from Him the divine life that makes us live as Christians, it means remaining united to the Pope and the bishops who are instruments of unity and…

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  1. Have you heard of this site? This woman says she receives messages from Jesus, and the messages say Francis is the Biblical false prophet.http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/

  2. I guess I am as thick as you say the present Bishop of Rome is. You condemn Francis for praying with a Protestant. Vatican II, however, encouraged us to seek common ground with what used to be called the separated brethren. It seems that would include joint prayer.
    Therefore am I wrong in concluding that you reject Vatican II in this regard?

    Furthermore, you state that Francis “sounds very much in tune with the modern thinking, with a world that does not even understand anymore that unity is already there, and those who are separated themselves from it must become part of it.” I take this to mean that so-called orthodox/traditional/conservative Catholics form a unity within which all other Catholics must become one with them. Please let me know if I have gone down the wrong path on this.

    • You are even more thick than you fear.

      Whenever V II differs from traditional Church teaching, it is obviously rubbish.

      So you are defending rubbish with rubbish.

      Reach your own conclusions.


  3. Mundabor, thought you might be interested in reading this: http://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/news/pope-says-wont-judge-gay-priests-111041448.html?.b=index&.cf3=Jumbotron&.cf4=2&.cf5=Associated+Press&.cf6=%2F&.ts=1375104404&.intl=us&.lang=en

  4. Saw your post and appreciate your forthrightness once again! You have probably seen this one too, but just in case: http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2013/07/important-pope-francis-severely.html

    It just keeps on coming!

  5. The Pope has told young people to ‘create a mess’ in their dioceses. This sounds like Mao before the cultural revolution encouraging the founding of the Red Guards. This could create some disturbing events in the Church.

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