WYD Video Goes MIA: Please Help!

There was a video of either singing bishops, or people singing in front of bishops, from the WYD. This video was published by Rorate Caeli, Father Ray Blake and EF Pastor Emeritus, but they must all have linked to the same Internet location, whence the video was now pulled out probably following the, ahem, less than enthusiastic reception.

Unfortunately, whilst the video might have been pulled out, the stunt did take place.

Following the motto oportet ut scandala eveniant, yours truly asks for a reliable and stable link to the event.

I understand we will have to be strong. But if we are to endure Bishop Francis, we will have to anyway.


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  1. Is this the video you are thinking of? http://wdtprs.com/blog/2013/07/your-excellencies-really/

    It looks like the same one that’s on Rorate.

    The video is up for me. Here’s a direct link to the youtube, on the off chance your browser is having difficulties with embedded videos:

    • Thanks, I think it is that, but I still get the message the video is not available because of technical problems or because removed by the poster.

      Can you play it? If yes, What is that? Singing bishops?


  2. I can play it. The bishops are standing on tiered seating on a stage, doing a bunch of arm-waving and twirling about while others sing. There is some fellow in a t-shirt directing their motions.

    I’m in the U.S.: I expect that your location is having technical difficulties for whatever reason. If you have more than one browser on your machine, you may have better luck with another one. I have some sites I use that only work in firefox, not chrome, and vice versa.

  3. Have just played as much of it as I could stand (about 10 – 15 seconds).
    I feel a blog post coming on.

  4. radjalemagnifique

    I get it in France, on my MacIntosh, version 10.5.8, with Safari.

    I’m still sick in having viewed this, it’s kind of a Pinocchio Parade, with the whole high grade clergy on stage. One just wonders when they will take off their cloths one by one and finish with a strip tease. It’s completely desacralizing the function of the clerics and the Church, and I will now go to my garden to do some weedening in order to be in touch with at least something natural made by our Creator.

    Radja le Magnifique

    P. S. As you are a sensible man, quick to boil over (you tell us), may I suggest you to take some camomile tea before viewing this video ?

    • I am very quick to lose my temper.
      I have still not been able to see the thing on my tablet.
      I dread the march to the desktop computer.


  5. At least they are not dancing together!

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