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Some Words About Blog Moderation

Go away. You are not welcome.

As the disgraceful Francis throws away the mask and shows the true Jesuit behind it, it is perhaps fitting to say a couple of words about the way the highly emotional, rather short-tempered author of this blog will cope with the challenges of our time.

1. This is no place for Sedevacantists. Whilst we criticise the advanced state of decay in which the Church finds Herself, we are fully loyal to the Church.

One does not apply for a new passport – or, more fittingly put, denies the legitimacy of those issuing the passport – because one despises the bunch currently in charge. Particularly if it is Christ’s passport, and the passport to Purgatory. Every comment even vaguely reeking of Sedevacantism will be culled, because I do not want my blog to be occasion of scandal to the many good Catholics reading this effort every day; or encourage them, upset as they must understandably be, to sinful thoughts. Let us be firm in the intention of loving the Church more and more, as she is more and more trampled by this (generally speaking, and with the obvious exception of the good ones) disgraceful clergy of ours.

When the SSPX declares that the Sea is vacant, I will believe it. Not one day before.

2. This blog takes enough time, energy and adrenaline. My bad, I am sure, but I have none of them left for people posting messages on the lines of “perhaps Francis does all this because he has a rare virus compelling him to act strangely”, or “Francis must be such an innocent man that he is unable to see anything bad in homosexual priests, or sodomite helpers”.

Just for the record: if you think the like of this, you are stupid. No, you really are. Yes, I am talking to you.

Stay away from this blog, because this blog isn’t for the stupid, and the stupid will never get anything out of it. If you really can’t avoid reading it – which I can’t prevent; though I would if I could – at least don’t post.

There is no Kool-aid here. Click elsewhere. You are not wanted.

I have enough of people posting just to tell me how thick hey are, thinking – being thick – that they look good in the process. These are the people who have contributed most to the present situation, the professional Pollyannas and world champions of brainlessness; the Catholic Chamberlains unable to see an elephant in the room, but feeling so good because they don’t.

Enjoy Francis, then, little Chamberlains. And, at least on this blog, have the decency to shut up.

Life’s too short for your comments.


Pope Gay The First

There is no week now without this disgraceful man reaching for a new deep from the gutter in which he has already put himself.

Once again, the immense scandal he causes is born from his being so much in love with himself, that he cannot resist “humbly” making the world new in the presence of journalists. This time, we had 80 minutes of off-the-cuff “Francis show”, and if you have already photographed the arrogance and ignorance of this man – if you read this blog, it is probably because you have – you know that 80 minutes of Bergoglio Show can’t be good for Catholicism. More alarming still, is that the off-the-cuff remarks show how this man really thinks.

The Neo-conservative press is now desperately trying to spin the immense stupidity (or evil intent, or a mixture of the two) of this man; but you can spin as much as you like, the man is a plague.

Let us see what kind of subversive bollocks a Bergoglio can spit in one single day, when he feels in good form.

1. So-called Gay Lobby.

If there is one, Francis hasn’t seen it in the Vatican ID card. Besides the absurdity of the statement, this is so gay even Elton John – an admirer of his, you must know – must see it that way.

Seriously: what a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to say. What an insult to the intelligence of every sane Catholic. What unspeakable arrogance. The Bishop of Rome is here clearly being the best ally of the “gay mafia” within the Vatican. He has clearly exposed himself as their man, elected by them so that he may not do anything against them, and help them.

Please let us wake up here. First important appointment is the one of a sodomite with levers everywhere within the Vatican; when a huge scandal involves this man, Francis refuses to get rid of him; then he proceeds to downplay the whole issue, so that he can be free to help his sodomitic friends without too much nuisance. Make no mistake, Screwtape would be delighted with Francis.

2. Homosexuality

Innovating on 2000 years of Christianity, this extremely confused (or worse) man wants us to believe being an homosexual is something that doesn’t stay in the way of being a priest. This shows you, better than anything else, how deeply rotten this man’s thinking is. I wonder if he would say the same of people with a tendency to screw their own mother, or dog, or niece. Either the answer is “yes” (and then this man’s mind is profoundly perverted in all matters of sexual abuse) or it is “no” (and then this man’s mind is profoundly perverted concerning the matter of homosexuality).

The moral of the story is that for this man, provided a homosexual is not part of a “gay lobby” (which he would allegedly not spot anyway; see the ID wannabe joke) not only can he be a priest, he can be one of his strictest collaborators, and who is he to judge?

Francis’ Christianity, and requirement for priesthood, ends by “accepting The Lord and having good Will”. Welcome, perverts the world over. The priesthood awaits you.

Satanic. Utterly and completely satanic.

Some people (like Jimmy Akin, who today makes a quadruple salto trying to defend the indefensible; I think we’ll see a lot of this in the years to come) will even try to sell you that, formally, Benedict’s explicitly stated policy of not allowing homos to the priesthood will not be touched. How can this be? If this is the example he gives; if this is the way he talks; if this is, very obviously, the way he thinks, how can this be?

Compared with this man, Pope Paul VI is merely an amateur. This here is Screwtape’s real deal.

You may or may not know that a good Catholic has traditionally had the faculty to pray for the painless death of the Pontiff if he is persuaded the Pontiff in question is a disgrace for the Church – as you can see, nothing new under the sun – .

I have a huge problem with praying for the painless death of Bergoglio, because in my naïveté something within me rebels to the idea of wishing the death of a Pontiff.

Still, the times are such that a Pope may well step aside if he finds himself in the physical impossibility of working as Pope. I have written in the past that I consider Benedict’s decision – seen in isolation – a wise one. If a Pope can’t make it, than he should not make it either, and leave his place to someone with the necessary strength.

You decide for yourself.

I start praying for the end of Bergoglio’s papacy today.



Generational Change

The first World Youth Day held under a Pope Bishop of Rome who wasn’t a bishop at the time of the Council shows the V II disease has now reached a new, more virulent form. Whilst former Popes had been formed in pre V II times and at least knew what they were demolishing, an entire generation below them was going out of seminaries with an extremely bad formation. The bad formation did not prevent them from climbing the Vatican career ladder and, in time, some of those confused social worker priests of whom the faithful wondered who on earth thought them fit for the habit became bishops; some of the bishops, cardinals; one of the cardinals, Pope.

True enough, in the meantime traces of sanity manifest themselves at the roots: priestly instruction is probably better now than it has been for decades; vocations are increasing, and are certainly less plagued by homosexuals looking for sodomy partners than it was before; a growing number of young priest is either able or willing to celebrate the Traditional Mass; among the faithful, a small but determined nucleus of duri e puri (“hard and pure”) has been forming, and they are young. It’s not all bad.

Still, if we consider how these generational matters proceed in waves, we haven’t much to rejoice. As the old wave of traitors of proper Catholicism was dying out, a new wave of very badly formed, popularity-seeking, not too infrequently perverted nincompoops was forming. This wave is now reaching maximum height, and it is the one who has swept away the Church with its idiocy. Bar a supernatural intervention, we are going to stay under water for a long time, as it will now take decades before this disgraceful generational wave of bad entertainers dies out, and makes place for the following wave of at least more mixed talents.

Bishop Bergoglio discovered, or thought he discovered, his vocation relatively late, and if memory serves received Holy Orders only in the second part of the Sixties. Theologically speaking, he is probably younger than his age, and at the same time at the beginning of a disgraceful wave of bad priests going out of the seminaries in the following fifteen years at least. He is the top of a very high wave, that will give us Dolans and Nicholses aplenty; at least a couple of them will, of course, become popes, though whether they will even want to be called that way is questionable.

We are now about to be submerged under a huge wave of stupidity, ignorance, and utter faithlessness, and must endure it for as long as the Lord pleases. I suggest we take a very deep breath now, because we are going to be under water for a while.



Benito Mussolini, 29 July 1883 – 29 July 2013

Today, 130 years ago, Benito Mussolini was born.

A highly controversial, and highly fascinating man, Il Duce continues to polarise opinions.

Violent, emotional, and very much the ladies’ man; but generous, honest, and deeply patriotic, Mussolini incarnates the passions and the vices, the big heart and the big mouth, the beautiful and the darker side of Italy. Many Italians still like him deeply. Your humble correspondent is proud to be put in their number.

A deeply pragmatic man, the then-atheist Mussolini gave the Italians the greatest gift they had received in 60 years, putting an end to an extremely painful fracture that had lacerated Italy since 1870, dominating not only its spiritual, but its political landscape all the time in between.

Still, the same pragmatism moved the Duce to accept the imposition of racial laws, requested by the Germans against their huge economic help in the time of the Sanctions. Mussolini – and the soft, conciliant, utterly un-fanatical Italian character – took care the already extremely soft measures against the Jews remained lettera morta pretty much everywhere. There were isolated exceptions, though, and if you are interested in those times in the Italian history I warmly suggest you read The Gardens of the Finzi Continis, not only a stunning piece of literature, but a fantastic portrait of a Jewish and Fascist well-to-do environment at the vigil of the Second World War.

It is today well-known that Mussolini “got religion” after the death of his beloved and very Catholic brother, Arnaldo, who besides being the most powerful influence on the Duce until his death was the real engine behind the Patti Lateranensi. Mussolini discovered the faith, but, too concerned with his public image, gave instruction to keep schtum about it, so that only the most trusted friends knew the “secret” of the once aggressively atheist Duce. He wrote beautiful lines about it on his diary, though, and whilst he never became a practising Catholic, we hope his Guardian Angel and the prayers of his mother and brother managed to obtain a happy death for him in the end.

Allow me to ask you to, in your charity, say a prayer for the Duce on this anniversary day. Easier to do if you like the man, far more difficult if you don’t.

If you can, in your charity, remember our Duce.

As Alessandro Manzoni let Lucia say, Dio perdona tante cose per un’opera di misericordia.

God forgives many things for a work of mercy.


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