Generational Change

The first World Youth Day held under a Pope Bishop of Rome who wasn’t a bishop at the time of the Council shows the V II disease has now reached a new, more virulent form. Whilst former Popes had been formed in pre V II times and at least knew what they were demolishing, an entire generation below them was going out of seminaries with an extremely bad formation. The bad formation did not prevent them from climbing the Vatican career ladder and, in time, some of those confused social worker priests of whom the faithful wondered who on earth thought them fit for the habit became bishops; some of the bishops, cardinals; one of the cardinals, Pope.

True enough, in the meantime traces of sanity manifest themselves at the roots: priestly instruction is probably better now than it has been for decades; vocations are increasing, and are certainly less plagued by homosexuals looking for sodomy partners than it was before; a growing number of young priest is either able or willing to celebrate the Traditional Mass; among the faithful, a small but determined nucleus of duri e puri (“hard and pure”) has been forming, and they are young. It’s not all bad.

Still, if we consider how these generational matters proceed in waves, we haven’t much to rejoice. As the old wave of traitors of proper Catholicism was dying out, a new wave of very badly formed, popularity-seeking, not too infrequently perverted nincompoops was forming. This wave is now reaching maximum height, and it is the one who has swept away the Church with its idiocy. Bar a supernatural intervention, we are going to stay under water for a long time, as it will now take decades before this disgraceful generational wave of bad entertainers dies out, and makes place for the following wave of at least more mixed talents.

Bishop Bergoglio discovered, or thought he discovered, his vocation relatively late, and if memory serves received Holy Orders only in the second part of the Sixties. Theologically speaking, he is probably younger than his age, and at the same time at the beginning of a disgraceful wave of bad priests going out of the seminaries in the following fifteen years at least. He is the top of a very high wave, that will give us Dolans and Nicholses aplenty; at least a couple of them will, of course, become popes, though whether they will even want to be called that way is questionable.

We are now about to be submerged under a huge wave of stupidity, ignorance, and utter faithlessness, and must endure it for as long as the Lord pleases. I suggest we take a very deep breath now, because we are going to be under water for a while.



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