Pope Gay The First

There is no week now without this disgraceful man reaching for a new deep from the gutter in which he has already put himself.

Once again, the immense scandal he causes is born from his being so much in love with himself, that he cannot resist “humbly” making the world new in the presence of journalists. This time, we had 80 minutes of off-the-cuff “Francis show”, and if you have already photographed the arrogance and ignorance of this man – if you read this blog, it is probably because you have – you know that 80 minutes of Bergoglio Show can’t be good for Catholicism. More alarming still, is that the off-the-cuff remarks show how this man really thinks.

The Neo-conservative press is now desperately trying to spin the immense stupidity (or evil intent, or a mixture of the two) of this man; but you can spin as much as you like, the man is a plague.

Let us see what kind of subversive bollocks a Bergoglio can spit in one single day, when he feels in good form.

1. So-called Gay Lobby.

If there is one, Francis hasn’t seen it in the Vatican ID card. Besides the absurdity of the statement, this is so gay even Elton John – an admirer of his, you must know – must see it that way.

Seriously: what a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to say. What an insult to the intelligence of every sane Catholic. What unspeakable arrogance. The Bishop of Rome is here clearly being the best ally of the “gay mafia” within the Vatican. He has clearly exposed himself as their man, elected by them so that he may not do anything against them, and help them.

Please let us wake up here. First important appointment is the one of a sodomite with levers everywhere within the Vatican; when a huge scandal involves this man, Francis refuses to get rid of him; then he proceeds to downplay the whole issue, so that he can be free to help his sodomitic friends without too much nuisance. Make no mistake, Screwtape would be delighted with Francis.

2. Homosexuality

Innovating on 2000 years of Christianity, this extremely confused (or worse) man wants us to believe being an homosexual is something that doesn’t stay in the way of being a priest. This shows you, better than anything else, how deeply rotten this man’s thinking is. I wonder if he would say the same of people with a tendency to screw their own mother, or dog, or niece. Either the answer is “yes” (and then this man’s mind is profoundly perverted in all matters of sexual abuse) or it is “no” (and then this man’s mind is profoundly perverted concerning the matter of homosexuality).

The moral of the story is that for this man, provided a homosexual is not part of a “gay lobby” (which he would allegedly not spot anyway; see the ID wannabe joke) not only can he be a priest, he can be one of his strictest collaborators, and who is he to judge?

Francis’ Christianity, and requirement for priesthood, ends by “accepting The Lord and having good Will”. Welcome, perverts the world over. The priesthood awaits you.

Satanic. Utterly and completely satanic.

Some people (like Jimmy Akin, who today makes a quadruple salto trying to defend the indefensible; I think we’ll see a lot of this in the years to come) will even try to sell you that, formally, Benedict’s explicitly stated policy of not allowing homos to the priesthood will not be touched. How can this be? If this is the example he gives; if this is the way he talks; if this is, very obviously, the way he thinks, how can this be?

Compared with this man, Pope Paul VI is merely an amateur. This here is Screwtape’s real deal.

You may or may not know that a good Catholic has traditionally had the faculty to pray for the painless death of the Pontiff if he is persuaded the Pontiff in question is a disgrace for the Church – as you can see, nothing new under the sun – .

I have a huge problem with praying for the painless death of Bergoglio, because in my naïveté something within me rebels to the idea of wishing the death of a Pontiff.

Still, the times are such that a Pope may well step aside if he finds himself in the physical impossibility of working as Pope. I have written in the past that I consider Benedict’s decision – seen in isolation – a wise one. If a Pope can’t make it, than he should not make it either, and leave his place to someone with the necessary strength.

You decide for yourself.

I start praying for the end of Bergoglio’s papacy today.



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  1. I’ve been uneasy since the day he was elected. What bothers me now are the type of people in the public eye who seem to think he’s the greatest thing since ice cream. I’ve done my best to keep my mouth shut, but it doesn’t change the fact that what I call my “spidey sense” is vibrating.

    No doubt he is very careless with his words. Nearly all of the few Catholic sites I visit are busily trying to explain what he “really meant.”

    • They are trying to give an institutional meaning to the revolutionary words, and attitude, of a man who from the first minute has been bent on working against the Church as the Church has always understood herself; thinking, in his hubris, that he can remake everything better.


  2. radjalemagnifique


    I will not follow your recommandation to pray for the present Bishop of Rome. As I said in a post immediately after his election, I pray for Benedict XVI (his physical, his intellectual and his spiritual health) and for the Church. Church is more than some humble men, vanishing like shadows as soon as they appear. Bossuet : « O Dieu ! encore une fois, qu’est-ce que de nous ? Si je jette la vue devant moi, quel espace infini où je ne suis pas ! si je la retourne en arrière, quelle suite effroyable où je ne suis plus ! et que j’occupe peu de place dans cet abîme immense du temps ! Je ne suis rien : un si petit intervalle n’est pas capable de me distinguer du néant ; on ne m’a envoyé que pour faire nombre ; encore n’avait-on que faire de moi, et la pièce n’en aurait pas été moins jouée, quand je serais demeuré derrière le théâtre. » (« Sermon sur la Mort », 22 March 1662)

    And I didn’t pray for Mussolini, but our old Priest, aged 82, put on retirement though he didn’t want it, made us pray at almost every Mass for the souls in Purgatory for whom no one ever prayed. If this is the case of Mussolini, no doubt he will have benefitted from our collective prayers.

    Radja le Magnifique

    • Fair enough, Radja.

      I have made a suggestion.

      I will pray more for the Duce tonight, then, but it would be unreasonable for me not to understand others feel differently.

      As to Francis, again I understand; but the reasoning behind the praying is that the fact that the Church is Indefectible does not mean we should not care for her.

      Praying for Pope Benedict, btw, is certainly meritorious, but Benedict is not the Pope anymore.


  3. radjalemagnifique

    I didn’t say “Pope” Benedict but simply “Benedict XVI”, which is the name by which he will enter into History I think …

    As to the Duce, there was no personal judgement underlying, I hardly know something about him. I just know that he has lost during the last War and that History is generally written by the winners. Who present things as they please them (cf. the Trial of Nürnberg).


    P. S. Don’t you have an email-address? Sometimes I find informations which could be of interest for you but which do not fit to your blog notes of the moment.

    • I do have but prefer not to use (actually, I never use my blog email address).

      Interesting things may be posted in form of comment, but please do not be offended if I do not publish it (for example because it distract from other issues, I have no time to examine it, I am already working on it, etc.).

      I know a lot about the Duce 😉 but again he was no Padre Pio, for sure. Mind, though, Padre Pio was clearly an admirer until he knew the Duce had blapshemed. Most of his confreres were also fascists, as was almost all of the Italian Clergy (giving an awful lot of Cardinals, etc.) in the Thirties.


  4. Francis has discovered the limelight and revels in it as much as Benedict put up with it. A wise man would be circumspect, but it appears that Francis will say the first thing that comes into his mind if he thinks it’s a headline. It is the failing of many a media novice to believe his own publicity and let lt go to his head. What was particularly risible was his reference to Benedict as a “grandpa” – there must be all of 10 years’ difference – but that kind of patronising points up the chasm in intellect. I’m not sure about the gay Pope bit, but if he carries on like this he’s heading for the title Pope Dope.
    He, (with all priests), gets a decade of the Rosary daily, plus an extra prayer to the Holy Ghost. But, my goodness, it’s a chore.

    • Someone – probably a sodomite – must have told Francis that he is a man of great depth and intelligence and he has ended up believing it.


  5. I never thought I’d see the day when a Pope would speak in such an anti-Catholic, irresponsible way about something which is intrinsically disordered. As you pointed out the damage limitation exercise has begun in the attempt to portray it as in accordance with Catholic teaching. His actual statement is appalling whatever way they try to disguise it, and it is obvious now that homosexual clergy have nothing to fear from this man. Among his tasks as Pope is the duty to be Teacher, Ruler and Sanctifier, but what we have in fact is a Confuser, a Destroyer and Non-Sanctifier. From now on things will get very much worse.

    • Thanks, Father.

      In fact, the banalisation of sexual perversion to a kind of innocent quirk Bishop Francis “does not judge” is an open declaration of support to the “gay lobby” he is supposed to destroy.

      Seriously, I hope in a heart attack.


    • The day Pope Francis should say “gay marriage” is a blessing, the likes of this blog would comment he is taking the press by surprise to evangelise them when they least expect it…


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