Some Words About Blog Moderation

Go away. You are not welcome.

As the disgraceful Francis throws away the mask and shows the true Jesuit behind it, it is perhaps fitting to say a couple of words about the way the highly emotional, rather short-tempered author of this blog will cope with the challenges of our time.

1. This is no place for Sedevacantists. Whilst we criticise the advanced state of decay in which the Church finds Herself, we are fully loyal to the Church.

One does not apply for a new passport – or, more fittingly put, denies the legitimacy of those issuing the passport – because one despises the bunch currently in charge. Particularly if it is Christ’s passport, and the passport to Purgatory. Every comment even vaguely reeking of Sedevacantism will be culled, because I do not want my blog to be occasion of scandal to the many good Catholics reading this effort every day; or encourage them, upset as they must understandably be, to sinful thoughts. Let us be firm in the intention of loving the Church more and more, as she is more and more trampled by this (generally speaking, and with the obvious exception of the good ones) disgraceful clergy of ours.

When the SSPX declares that the Sea is vacant, I will believe it. Not one day before.

2. This blog takes enough time, energy and adrenaline. My bad, I am sure, but I have none of them left for people posting messages on the lines of “perhaps Francis does all this because he has a rare virus compelling him to act strangely”, or “Francis must be such an innocent man that he is unable to see anything bad in homosexual priests, or sodomite helpers”.

Just for the record: if you think the like of this, you are stupid. No, you really are. Yes, I am talking to you.

Stay away from this blog, because this blog isn’t for the stupid, and the stupid will never get anything out of it. If you really can’t avoid reading it – which I can’t prevent; though I would if I could – at least don’t post.

There is no Kool-aid here. Click elsewhere. You are not wanted.

I have enough of people posting just to tell me how thick hey are, thinking – being thick – that they look good in the process. These are the people who have contributed most to the present situation, the professional Pollyannas and world champions of brainlessness; the Catholic Chamberlains unable to see an elephant in the room, but feeling so good because they don’t.

Enjoy Francis, then, little Chamberlains. And, at least on this blog, have the decency to shut up.

Life’s too short for your comments.


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  1. So it’s started. That entry onto the loggia said it all. Cold, uncaring, sinister.

  2. Jesus forgave and always said to go and sin no more. The act of contrition is a promise and resolve to sin no more and not to be in a condition, lifestyle and state of mind a to sin again as soon as the confessional is left. It is a shame that a Pope does not know Catholic Faith 101

    • Well said.
      Besides, there is here the objective absurdity of a homosexual priest, which would apply even if the man was contrite, etc.

      People forget Ricca was exposed. He did not run to the Pope with a confession of his own sodomy. There’s no reason whatever even to assume he was in any way “reformed” before the scandal erupted.


  3. But on what authority have the sspx to declare the Holy See vacant ! Or let alone to ‘declare’ on anything or even on doctrine! That is solely the function of the CDF given to them (the CDF) by the Decree ‘Bom Pastor,’ of Blessed Pope John Paul II and NOT to (thank goodness) the sspx whoses society internally is as divided as the Anglican Church is on the outside. Believe me, Mundabor, I know about it and I know about the sspx too!

    • Oh for heaven’s sake… Think!

      If the animals take over the farm, from whom do you expect to hear that they have usurped it: the pigs?

      The SSPX is – as you should know – an island of orthodoxy in this see of stupidity. They are credible not because there is something magic in the name “SSPX”, but because sensible people see they do not deviate one inch from sound orthodoxy. Therefore, they are the ones to whom one may reliably look to in these matters.


  4. When the SSPX declares that the Sea is vacant, I will believe it. Not one day before.

    Unlike me, you are not thick, Mundabor. Consequently, it is difficult to understand why you are dependent upon SSPX to declare the Chair of Peter vacant.

    Do well and do good.

    • Because, being not thick, I understand the need for a guidance that goes above myself, and on whose superior wisdom I would, in this case, surely be able to rely upon.

      Catholics are different from Protestants, you see. They do not make their own theology.

      But unlike me, you are thick. So I doubt you will get this.


  5. Amen brother! Since the election of bishop Francis, it’s been …well…all too surreal…like something out of a painting by Salvador Dali. At least here…anyway…I can get a dose of reality. I’ve often wondered why it is so easy for some of us to see things clearly and others…well…you know. Your work is much appreciated…

    • Thanks sacerdos.
      If you ask me, a lot of people prefer not to see reality because this would require unpleasant action from them, like expressing their own dissatisfaction and being considered backward or reactionary by those in their circles.

      It’s not that they do not see. It is that they choose not to.


  6. Thank you for your bluntness. Your comment re. not believing the sea of Peter vacant until the SSPX declares it to be is a worthy weathervane and one that I myself shall abide by.

  7. radjalemagnifique


    Great comparison, Sacerdos, the one with the surrealism of a Salvado Dalis’ painting ! This not only applies to our Bishop of Rome, but also to the dancing clergy on stage in Rio some days ago. This applies to the German bishop giving Confirmation with a light sword and words taken from « Star Wars » ; this applies to that French priest having performed dances with people in his church at a gathering ; and one can add another dancing in a church, in Germany I think, from a half-naked buddhist (or hinduist) dancer in front of the altar. There was also a recent procession in a big church in Latin America, of young girls commented ironically of by the author of the article as ‘Rhine Maids’ of Wagner (I thought of them as Loreleys), completely kitsch, and all this completely surrealist ! And IN churches, ALL OVER THE WORLD ! The ‘Pinocchio Masses’ seem far away, we now are in the age of ‘Mad Max’.

    To some other fellow readers who wonder about the ‘authority’ of Mundabor, I would say : Mundabor has never spoken ‘ex cathedra’ ; he clearly said several times (and at once only a few days ago) that he is a layman, having just read some books (add a smiley), and that the aim of his – this – blog is to defend traditional Catholicism, especially by giving to his readers access to texts we would not come easily across by ourselves. He adds to this his personal thoughts about the present state of things in the Church, and these thoughts are often as ferocious as they are hilarious.

    So we are all free to ‘take it or leave it’, there is no obligation for us readers to follow him.

    Radja le Magnifique

    P. S. I don’t take the defence of Mundabor, he doesn’t need it. This are just some simple thoughts from an uninstructed cat.

    • Thanks, Radja.
      With this blog, I try to defend proper Catholicism.
      Whatever strength you may see in my arguments, you must see it because it is in line with Church teaching – with traditional Church teaching, I mean; not the Mickey-Mouse entertainers we have today -.

      I could not speak with any authority than the authority of the argument itself. But again, if one deforms Catolic teaching he is wrong whatever his authority; he is wrong even if he is a bishop, a cardinal, a pope or an angel come down from heaven.


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