Involuntary Humour

Involuntary humour at the site of His Hermeneuticalness, where the problem of – I kid you not – people who walk away with communion is dealt with.

What to do, asks the excellent author. People so addressed can easily lose their temper, so the matter of people simply going away with the Body of Christ must be dealt with in an appropriately sensitive manner.

Have some “guardians” near the priest, says one.

Yes, says another, “communion guardians” are becoming more frequent int he US because of the danger of willful desecration.

Ushers should do the job, says a third.


Oh, how stupid our pre-Vatican II ancestor were, who would distribute on the tongue!

We have tons of useless apps, so we must be smarter.


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  1. Thanks Sarmaticus!
    Much appreciated!

    But the combox is closed 😉


  2. Communion in the hand is a very grave sacrilege and should be completely forbidden.

    Some time ago a friend of mine sent me this spanish video of an experiment with a non-consecrated Host. This video proves how small particles of the Host fall off and remain adhered to any surface.

    This sacrilege needs to be stopped!

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