“Off-The-Cuff” Comment

I’d love to know how many Catholic women have not voted, or have stated they would never vote, for Newt Gingrich because of his past marital infidelities, but are so ready to believe that Monsignor Ricca must now be “reformed” and “chaste”.

Just sayin’



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  1. Will never ever vote for that man, ever. The ick factor alone, is simply too great to overcome.

  2. And does a leopard change its spots? If so, it must be a miracle!

    • I am told apparently the mere friendship with Francis achieves the most astonishing miracles, like:

      1. Suddenly not being a Sodomite anymore.
      2. Not being removed when unmasked as such.
      3. Having one’s date of birth changed, so that scandalous sodomitical behaviour committed well in one’s forties is now assigned to one’s “youth”, obviously before ordination.

      Yup. Friendship with Bishop Francis achieves miracles.


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