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Pollyanna had finally found her favourite blog.

Pollyanna had finally found her favourite blog.

A blogger on a famous multi-faith (and none) blog multinational made my day today, with the wonderful explanation of why the Pope Bishop of Rome always – and particularly on the famous aeroplane – talks as if he had one Litre Fernet (the Argentinians like it a lot, I am told; like the Italians) in his humble stomach.   

It all has to do with Sun-Tzu and his Art of War, you see.

The brilliant war strategy unfolds as follows:

1. Francis just shuts up in the face of huge attacks on Christianity, for months.

2. Then, he surprises the enemy by showing he is on their side.

3. This leaves the enemy utterly without defence or orientation, because of all things they were certainly not expecting the Pope… to be on their side. The shock!

4. At this point the enemy is clearly confused, faintly whispering “he is one of ours, then!”… and

5. They give the Pope huge attention, repeating all over the world how he (erm… cough) sabotages Catholicism… At this point, when Francis has the world’s attention…

7. BLAM….. He attacks them with clear Catholic teaching!

I miss the BLAM phase; but that is meant to be in the future, I am sure…

For today, I notice this is the same as saying Churchill should have started to teach the superiority of the Aryan race during WW II, and perhaps made one or three laws against the Jews, in order to surprise the confused Wehrmacht soldiers….


It’s not even twisted, or immensely stupid anymore. It’s just plain funny.

Wins the Pollyanna Championship hands down.


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  1. It is laughable. What part of the strategy is leaving a beach ball on the altar of one of the most venerable basilicas in the world?

    I have been so dismayed this week, I am finally thinking of just going to the SSPX. They are suspending the diocesan Latin Mass I go to for 3 weeks, due to lack of coverage, so I was thinking of going to the SSPX chapel anyway. I was going to go for the 3 weeks, but I may permanently switch now. I really do think there is a grave crisis in the Church after all that has happened in the last few days alone.

  2. I spoke rashly earlier and apologize if my words caused scandal to any readers of this blog. shouldn’t say I would join SSPX. I can’t separate myself from the ordinary of the diocese who is the one that gives faculties for priests to absolve and marry the faithful. I need to pray for Pope Francis as he is the legitimate Holy Father and I have no right to judge the man.

    • If I had thought your words cause scandals to the readers I would have either killed them or would have added some words of explanation.

      There’s nothing wrong in attending by the SSPX. They are as Catholic as they come.

      Personally I draw the line where the sympathy for the SSPX leads people to say the Vatican has no legitimation as Church, or the Pope – even the present genius – is not legitimately Pope, of they are all part of the same den of iniquity and depravity without any distinction.


    • You didn’t cause scandal! Absolutely not! Indeed, I strongly agreed with your last comment, if I didn’t have a diocesan TLM available or near where I live, I would join the SSPX.

      The invalidity of confessions and marriages in the SSPX is not clear and is open to question, there are strong arguments for their validity (read The Remnant’s article).

      Scandal is placing a beach ball and a t-shirt on the place reserved for the Body and Blood of our Lord where His Holy Sacrifice takes place, equating the offering of a beach ball with the offering of the Body and Blood of Christ.

      Your answer was completely normal, we want to be spiritually fed, we want to listen to authentic catholic doctrine and worship God as He deserves with the greatest reverence for His Holy Sacrifice, we just want a shelter where we can be and live as catholics in these difficult times.

      Things are going to get worse and we will have to take a step forward to defend the Faith as great Saints did in the past.

    • Sorry, I made an error! I wanted to say: “I strongly agreed with your FIRST comment” not the last 😉

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