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Gotta Love “The Onion”

Funny short article from the often very funny “Onion” which, though written from the wrong perspective, shows the Bishop of Rome is widely perceived to have made a mess of Catholic things – from our perspective at least -.

If you have strong objections to the “f word”, don't click.


Timeo Danaos Et Dona Ferentes

Pastor Angelicus, pray for us!

“I fear the Greeks, even when they bear gifts” is the literal translation of the brilliant Virgil’s verse.

In our case, the Trojan Horse we must pay attention to is the allegedly ventilated canonisation of Pope Pius XII.

Having read about Padre Pio’s hours-long vision of our beloved Pastor Angelicus in heaven the day that great Pope died, I would not be among those who cry scandal and heresy if such a decision were to be taken. Canonisations are infallible anyway, so one has to either believe the Sea is vacant or believe they are true.

I would, in fact, be overjoyed; not because of the news that Pius XII is in heaven – Padre Pio had no doubts, and this is good enough for me every day of the week – but because of the obvious repercussions within the Church. At first sight, this appears a great gift made to conservative Catholics and, clearly, to us Traditionalists.

On the other hand, I offer the following reflections:

I fear an homosexuality-condoning, liturgy-massacring, heresy-flirting, sodomite-buddying, humbleness-professing, canon-law trampling Jesuit even when he bears gifts. Actually, I fear him particularly when he bears gift.

You can call it mistrust if you want to. I call it life experience, and sound reasoning.

I also wonder whether this rumour has not been started – by the Bishop of Rome, or someone near to him – to persuade the growing phalanx of well awake Catholics to tone done the criticism a bit. If you behave, Uncle Jorge will give you a chocolate cookie. If not… He will have to get rid of Summorum Pontificum, and it will be all your fault, you naughty boys…

Thirdly, I wonder whether this might not be the novocaine the dentist gives to the patient before he starts to get to work in earnest. Imagine a total or substantial killing of Summorum Pontificum coupled with the announcement of the canonisation.

What now, skipper?

Anyway, relata refero. It might be all rubbish, or it might be the Bishop is thinking of a Beatification.

We will have to wait and see how this pans out.

In the meantime, I will continue to fear the Greeks.


“Off-The-Cuff” Comment

Let us imagine that it were – absurdly – discovered that homosexuality is a genetic malformation that can be discovered and cured before birth.

Do you think many “liberal” parents would choose to have their own baby born homosexual?


Please Pray For New Catholic And His Mother.

We were informed yesterday of the death of New Catholic's mother.

Many of you are, I am sure, regular readers of Rorate Caeli, by far the most mentioned blog – and for all the right reasons – on these pages.

Imagine how it must be to live such a horrible period in your life and still find in yourself the charity – for this is what it is – to continue working intensely at your blog; this, whilst you are slandered in the process with daily frequency.

These are the times when one sees the difference between those who really care and those ready to swallow whatever absurdity the clergy or even the Bishop of Rome dishes to the faithful so that the blog revenues are not endangered. Without making names, I have always said I do not like the Patheos formula.

Think of a Catholic blogosphere without the New Catholics of this world, and completely dominated by the “Patheos” style ones.

My rosary of today is for the woman who gave us New Catholic. You may want to join me in my prayers for her and him.



To Shut Up Or Not To Shut Up?

I read around the strange theory according to which if good Catholics complain out loud concerning real or supposed attacks to Summorum Pontificum, this will make a real attack on said SP more likely.

Allow me to explain why I disagree.

In my view, the Bishop of Rome is either an enemy of the Traditional Mass, or he isn't. If he isn't, widespread opposition to any changes will make it actually easier for him to leave things as they are; but if he is, the absence of widespread opposition will make it easier for him to get rid of Summorum Pontificum. “There is just no affection or desire for the old rite”, he will say. When he then cancels SP with a stroke of the pen, it will be rather too late for complaints, at least as long as Francis is the Bishop of Rome.

You can call this, if you will, the Poland's dilemma. If you don't do anything to protect yourself, you will be invaded because you have not done anything. If you do look for alliances to protect yourself, you will be invaded because you are being hostile.

I personally think that if we get invaded, we get invaded.

But not with our consent, or in our silence.



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