Gotta Love “The Onion”

Funny short article from the often very funny “Onion” which, though written from the wrong perspective, shows the Bishop of Rome is widely perceived to have made a mess of Catholic things – from our perspective at least -.

If you have strong objections to the “f word”, don't click.


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  1. Can take the “f” word in much more powerful doses than that anemic parody. It’s doesn’t strike me as all that creative. More of the same..hoping to get guffaws on us really being intolerant haters

    • I suggest you read the “onion” only to have a laugh at their sense of homour. I know other right-wing people who read it regularly. I do not think they take themselves too seriously, either.


  2. I think the Onion is more interested in sneering at Catholicism than in taking any sort of realistic view of Francis, even in a satire like this. This recent article from the English writer Theodore Dalrymple might interest you: I find the author hits the nail right on the head when he zeroes in on Francis’s essentially silly sentimentality.

    • A truly brilliant article, very lucid and very rational as opposed to, as you rightly point out, the silly – or shall we say, populist and convenient – sentimentality of the Bishop of Rome.

      “Someone should do something” is a very easy thing to say.

      I note as an aside that the allegedly vast popularity of the new Bishop of Rome does not seem to have done much for the cause of the illegal immigrants. Francis has degenerated to the the X-factor in white: a superficial show followed by the superficial who to feel important or relevant or good, but nothing that changes the way people think or are.



  3. Thanks for the chuckle.

  4. “You don’t just go off script like that. Who the *bleep* do you think you are?”

    The reply should have been: “Sorry – I forgot I am just the Bishop of Rome. For a second there I thought I was the Pope.”


  5. The Onion is really a site for liberals, atheists, degenerates, etc. Still, I spose we need to know what the enemy believes.

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