Please Pray For New Catholic And His Mother.

We were informed yesterday of the death of New Catholic's mother.

Many of you are, I am sure, regular readers of Rorate Caeli, by far the most mentioned blog – and for all the right reasons – on these pages.

Imagine how it must be to live such a horrible period in your life and still find in yourself the charity – for this is what it is – to continue working intensely at your blog; this, whilst you are slandered in the process with daily frequency.

These are the times when one sees the difference between those who really care and those ready to swallow whatever absurdity the clergy or even the Bishop of Rome dishes to the faithful so that the blog revenues are not endangered. Without making names, I have always said I do not like the Patheos formula.

Think of a Catholic blogosphere without the New Catholics of this world, and completely dominated by the “Patheos” style ones.

My rosary of today is for the woman who gave us New Catholic. You may want to join me in my prayers for her and him.



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  1. Prayers for New Catholic and his mother. Thank you for this post–and for so many others.

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