To Shut Up Or Not To Shut Up?

I read around the strange theory according to which if good Catholics complain out loud concerning real or supposed attacks to Summorum Pontificum, this will make a real attack on said SP more likely.

Allow me to explain why I disagree.

In my view, the Bishop of Rome is either an enemy of the Traditional Mass, or he isn't. If he isn't, widespread opposition to any changes will make it actually easier for him to leave things as they are; but if he is, the absence of widespread opposition will make it easier for him to get rid of Summorum Pontificum. “There is just no affection or desire for the old rite”, he will say. When he then cancels SP with a stroke of the pen, it will be rather too late for complaints, at least as long as Francis is the Bishop of Rome.

You can call this, if you will, the Poland's dilemma. If you don't do anything to protect yourself, you will be invaded because you have not done anything. If you do look for alliances to protect yourself, you will be invaded because you are being hostile.

I personally think that if we get invaded, we get invaded.

But not with our consent, or in our silence.



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  1. If this actually happens I can only imagine that the SSPX will see a huge influx.

    • I agree.
      And a huge increase in popularity and prestige among the faithful.

      It would be fun, though, to see all those people who look down on them and call them “schismatics” when they have the choice between the tambourine Mass and the SSPX, or between the Tambourine Mass and nothing at all.


  2. radjalemagnifique

    No consent, and no silence ! Here are two voices from Germany :

    Through a link on :

    I came to the following blog and an article written by Martha Weinzl :

    It’s a very great article, very finely written, on what the Bishop of Rome says, what he not says, what he is trying to imply (‘laisser sous-entendre’), what he leaves more or less at the guess of the public (the youth, the press, the Catholics, and so on). It’s worth to be read, although a good level of German might be necessary.

    As to the beach ball on the Altar (which also puzzled me in the posts of some of our fellow readers here, some days ago), you will find an explanation on the photo which illustrates the article of Martha Weinzl.

    Radja le Magnifique

  3. Mundabor, do you mind further describing exactly what you think traditionalists should do now to establish and stand on firm ground? I think you can see my email attached to my comment…

    • Ah, in my simple world what they should do is clear:

      1. Not shut up so long as SP is there; ask that it be encouraged and given more space where evil bishops are in control.

      2. Do exactly the same, but in an angrier manner, should the Bishop of Rome come to the idea the world is a better place without SP.

      I am not the kind of person who in these situation says “we should create pro SP committees, with a secretary, a vice-secretary, 24 local coordinators – of his own wife and children – and all that jazz.

      Give more money to the SSPX, and more prayers to them. That’s what you could do.


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