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Bishop Francis Invents The “Religion Of Joy”

The frequency with which this man does something very stupid for a Catholic, but rather well-sounding for the secular world cannot but astonish. Methinks, newspapers will soon have to hire extra personnel to follow the antics of this pathetic excuse of a priest. I seriously think at this point he would be considered a clown even among the Anglicans, who have a very strong tradition in the matter and can therefore recognise them swiftly.

Apparently, every year the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue sticks its “ecumenical” nose very deep in Islam’s intimate parts by sending the usual bla bla message stressing how wonderful it is that there are faithful Muslims. This year, it appears the Bishop thought the world would be a better place if he were to send the message personally.

If you think I am kidding you, the original of the message is here. And no, it’s not “off-the-cuff”. Out of his senses, rather.

There is an excellent take on this on the blog Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II. The blog author simply rephrases the message to adapt it to an hypothetical papal message to certain infidels – the Wiccans – rather than to other infidels – the Mohammedans -.

I allow myself to reproduce the text here:

Message from His Holiness Pope Francis to Wiccans throughout the World

It gives me great pleasure to greet you as you celebrate the sabbat of Lughnasadh, so commencing the month of August, dedicated mainly to honoring Lugh, the sun god.

This year, the first of my Pontificate, I have decided to sign this traditional message myself and to send it to you, dear friends, as an expression of esteem and friendship for all Wiccans, especially those who are religious leaders.

This year, the theme on which I would like to reflect with you and with all who will read this message is one that concerns both Wiccans and Christians: Promoting Mutual Respect through Education.

Turning to mutual respect in interreligious relations, especially between Christians and Wiccans, we are called to respect the religion of the other, its teachings, its symbols, its values.

It is clear that, when we show respect for the religion of our neighbors or when we offer them our good wishes on the occasion of a religious celebration, we simply seek to share their joy, without making reference to the content of their religious convictions.

At the Mass marking the beginning of my ministry, I greatly appreciated the presence of so many civil and religious leaders from the Wiccan world. With these words, I wished to emphasize once more the great importance of dialogue and cooperation among believers, in particular Christians and Wiccans, and the need for it to be enhanced.

With these sentiments, I reiterate my hope that all Christians and Wiccans may be true promoters of mutual respect and friendship, in particular through education.


It is clear we are here – I mean, with the original message – in front of some serious, serious crap.

There is no word about evangelisation; there is not one single mention of Christ or the Holy Ghost; there is conversion concern whatever. On the contrary, the accent is on things that are nothing to do with making new Christians: the usual “dialogue” or purely secular concerns.

Christ and the Holy Spirit will, I am afraid, have to stay out.

In case you should think “we and Muslims believe in the same God”, allow me to say rather emphatically that

No, this is not the case.


What is therefore happening here is that the disgraceful man currently on the sea of Peter considers to “seek to share the joy” of infidels something worth doing. How can he have any joy in heathenism? How can he consider it worth of any “joy” that there are people who do not know Christ and march toward probable damnation? What on earth do we have Christianity – and a Pope – for, if not in order to take care that heathen know, love and serve (the Christian) God?
The answer to this is very simple if you consider the peculiar way of thinking of this man.
Firstly, Bishop Francis has clearly shown that to him salvation is the reward of being “a good chap”. Therefore, Christianity is, if not entirely superfluous, certainly nothing more than a “nice to have”.
Atheist? But do good, my lad. We’ll meet there one day.
Secondly, this Pope is, like many other clergymen nowadays, a follower of the “cult of joy”. Joy is the be-all and end-all, in an orgy of stupid and heathenish emotionalism very much in tune with the time. Therefore, the fact a sect of heathens is apparently having a festivity lets our man absolutely desire to “share their joy”. Christianity is factually reduced to spirituality and a good heart, and spirituality to stupid emotionalism.
If it sounds stupid, heathenish, and with strong blasphemous undertones, it’s because it is.
Hhhmmm…. we might be in front of a Jesuit here.
Meanwhile, the so-called religion of peace “joyfully” delights us with news like those coming from Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq.
Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Someone had better inform Bishop Francis of the fact.


About Being “Messy”

Still there. Still a scandal.

And it came to pass we were informed the Bishop of Rome is being “messy” in his statements. We agree and applaud, because he certainly was.

Still, one cannot avoid asking if this “mess” is involuntary; better said, one cannot avoid asking how, after more than three months of mess, the mess can still be seen as involuntary. It certainly takes a huge dose of optimism.

I also disagree with the astonishing concept that on the famous aeroplane the Bishop would have been in line with Catholic teaching. And in fact, by listening to a certain video one has for a long time the impression a robust criticism is coming out, but in the end very little happens. And no, what Bishop Francis said is not in line with Catholic teaching.

It is absolutely not in line with Catholic teaching to think that there might be a time, or place, or circumstance in which it is all right for a priest to be bent. A bent Catholic priest is as much in order, or in line with Catholic teaching, as a priest sexually attracted to your dog, and you must think long and hard whether you would allow your son to serve mass, or otherwise have social contact, with such a priest.

Just as bad is the obvious forgetfulness of the scandal going on, under our very eyes, as I speak. There can be no excuse for a Monsignor exposed as an inveterate sodomite uncaring for scandal to remain a priest, much less for him to remain at his very influential place. This scandal will not go away by just ceasing to mention it.

As a whole, one notices there are some steps in the right direction, and the television channel in question must be bombarded by viewers' emails asking the responsible to look at reality as it is. But I frankly continue to notice that the main source of the trouble is not mentioned, or is considered not responsible, or if he is considered responsible, it is merely because of lack of experience. Which is involuntarily funny, being related to a man happily sailing towards eighty springs, and who in virtue of his past offices had to deal with the press for many years now.

One salutes a partial adjustment of course. Frankly, though, to me this still seems militancy somewhat blind from the right eye.

Of course I do not expect the same words you read in this blog; there are professional, legal and commercial implications to be taken care of, all of them legitimate, and the professional journalist is supposed to have ways and means and tricks of the trade the amateur blogger hasn't. Still, it is as if we were discussing Palestinian terrorism here, and no one of the mainstream or big outlets were – yet – willing to mention Arafat.



Maundy Thursday At The Brompton Oratory

The “not a beach ball over the altar in sight” Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

The Church was packed.

The celebration was extremely reverent.

The music was breathtaking – and inspiring – as always.

I haven’t spotted any woman among the viri selecti; who were, I assure you, all belonging to the Christian faith.

The photos are here.


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