About Being “Messy”

Still there. Still a scandal.

And it came to pass we were informed the Bishop of Rome is being “messy” in his statements. We agree and applaud, because he certainly was.

Still, one cannot avoid asking if this “mess” is involuntary; better said, one cannot avoid asking how, after more than three months of mess, the mess can still be seen as involuntary. It certainly takes a huge dose of optimism.

I also disagree with the astonishing concept that on the famous aeroplane the Bishop would have been in line with Catholic teaching. And in fact, by listening to a certain video one has for a long time the impression a robust criticism is coming out, but in the end very little happens. And no, what Bishop Francis said is not in line with Catholic teaching.

It is absolutely not in line with Catholic teaching to think that there might be a time, or place, or circumstance in which it is all right for a priest to be bent. A bent Catholic priest is as much in order, or in line with Catholic teaching, as a priest sexually attracted to your dog, and you must think long and hard whether you would allow your son to serve mass, or otherwise have social contact, with such a priest.

Just as bad is the obvious forgetfulness of the scandal going on, under our very eyes, as I speak. There can be no excuse for a Monsignor exposed as an inveterate sodomite uncaring for scandal to remain a priest, much less for him to remain at his very influential place. This scandal will not go away by just ceasing to mention it.

As a whole, one notices there are some steps in the right direction, and the television channel in question must be bombarded by viewers' emails asking the responsible to look at reality as it is. But I frankly continue to notice that the main source of the trouble is not mentioned, or is considered not responsible, or if he is considered responsible, it is merely because of lack of experience. Which is involuntarily funny, being related to a man happily sailing towards eighty springs, and who in virtue of his past offices had to deal with the press for many years now.

One salutes a partial adjustment of course. Frankly, though, to me this still seems militancy somewhat blind from the right eye.

Of course I do not expect the same words you read in this blog; there are professional, legal and commercial implications to be taken care of, all of them legitimate, and the professional journalist is supposed to have ways and means and tricks of the trade the amateur blogger hasn't. Still, it is as if we were discussing Palestinian terrorism here, and no one of the mainstream or big outlets were – yet – willing to mention Arafat.



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  1. When I think back to the 50’s and 60’s, Church’s were crowded, assistant priests were hoping and praying that they would not grow old before getting their own parish, confession lines were long, people showed reverence in their manners and adoration, the Mass was Sacred; need I go on.

    And then VII and the fresh air ideal of hugs, kisses dilution, scandal and what do you think agendas rather than what should you be taught and believe. Our faith was and is watered down ( there are strong pockets of exceptions) to the smorgasbord, multiple choice, lest we offend anyone Catechesis. Ask 10 Catholics what they believe on abortion, contraception, Mass on Sunday, other faiths, Church dogmas, Ex Cathedera teachings etc, etc and you will get the same confusing babel and opinions like we have continually been fed from Rome. It is as if this VII generation of clergy need to justify the crisis of faith by continuing to promote the same dismal views and teachings. How do they sleep at night? How can we have six Catholics(not really) on the Supreme Court and they do not even know basic right from wrong? We should not be surprised by the crisis of faith and weak and incorrect guidance from Rome when it is a punishment that we deserve for not enough Catholics fighting for and insisting on their Catholic Faith being taught and practiced according to the will of the Blessed Trinity. And so we pray…….and must act.


    George Brenner

    • Isn’t it absurd some people keep insisting on the “problems” of the Church pre-V II and do not see today’s problems are infinitely worse?


  2. CATHOLICS need to convert catholics to Catholicism before the crisis will go away. This is a given.


    George Brenner

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