Bishop Francis Invents The “Religion Of Joy”

The frequency with which this man does something very stupid for a Catholic, but rather well-sounding for the secular world cannot but astonish. Methinks, newspapers will soon have to hire extra personnel to follow the antics of this pathetic excuse of a priest. I seriously think at this point he would be considered a clown even among the Anglicans, who have a very strong tradition in the matter and can therefore recognise them swiftly.

Apparently, every year the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue sticks its “ecumenical” nose very deep in Islam’s intimate parts by sending the usual bla bla message stressing how wonderful it is that there are faithful Muslims. This year, it appears the Bishop thought the world would be a better place if he were to send the message personally.

If you think I am kidding you, the original of the message is here. And no, it’s not “off-the-cuff”. Out of his senses, rather.

There is an excellent take on this on the blog Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II. The blog author simply rephrases the message to adapt it to an hypothetical papal message to certain infidels – the Wiccans – rather than to other infidels – the Mohammedans -.

I allow myself to reproduce the text here:

Message from His Holiness Pope Francis to Wiccans throughout the World

It gives me great pleasure to greet you as you celebrate the sabbat of Lughnasadh, so commencing the month of August, dedicated mainly to honoring Lugh, the sun god.

This year, the first of my Pontificate, I have decided to sign this traditional message myself and to send it to you, dear friends, as an expression of esteem and friendship for all Wiccans, especially those who are religious leaders.

This year, the theme on which I would like to reflect with you and with all who will read this message is one that concerns both Wiccans and Christians: Promoting Mutual Respect through Education.

Turning to mutual respect in interreligious relations, especially between Christians and Wiccans, we are called to respect the religion of the other, its teachings, its symbols, its values.

It is clear that, when we show respect for the religion of our neighbors or when we offer them our good wishes on the occasion of a religious celebration, we simply seek to share their joy, without making reference to the content of their religious convictions.

At the Mass marking the beginning of my ministry, I greatly appreciated the presence of so many civil and religious leaders from the Wiccan world. With these words, I wished to emphasize once more the great importance of dialogue and cooperation among believers, in particular Christians and Wiccans, and the need for it to be enhanced.

With these sentiments, I reiterate my hope that all Christians and Wiccans may be true promoters of mutual respect and friendship, in particular through education.


It is clear we are here – I mean, with the original message – in front of some serious, serious crap.

There is no word about evangelisation; there is not one single mention of Christ or the Holy Ghost; there is conversion concern whatever. On the contrary, the accent is on things that are nothing to do with making new Christians: the usual “dialogue” or purely secular concerns.

Christ and the Holy Spirit will, I am afraid, have to stay out.

In case you should think “we and Muslims believe in the same God”, allow me to say rather emphatically that

No, this is not the case.


What is therefore happening here is that the disgraceful man currently on the sea of Peter considers to “seek to share the joy” of infidels something worth doing. How can he have any joy in heathenism? How can he consider it worth of any “joy” that there are people who do not know Christ and march toward probable damnation? What on earth do we have Christianity – and a Pope – for, if not in order to take care that heathen know, love and serve (the Christian) God?
The answer to this is very simple if you consider the peculiar way of thinking of this man.
Firstly, Bishop Francis has clearly shown that to him salvation is the reward of being “a good chap”. Therefore, Christianity is, if not entirely superfluous, certainly nothing more than a “nice to have”.
Atheist? But do good, my lad. We’ll meet there one day.
Secondly, this Pope is, like many other clergymen nowadays, a follower of the “cult of joy”. Joy is the be-all and end-all, in an orgy of stupid and heathenish emotionalism very much in tune with the time. Therefore, the fact a sect of heathens is apparently having a festivity lets our man absolutely desire to “share their joy”. Christianity is factually reduced to spirituality and a good heart, and spirituality to stupid emotionalism.
If it sounds stupid, heathenish, and with strong blasphemous undertones, it’s because it is.
Hhhmmm…. we might be in front of a Jesuit here.
Meanwhile, the so-called religion of peace “joyfully” delights us with news like those coming from Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq.
Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Someone had better inform Bishop Francis of the fact.


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  1. Your Wiccan corollary is very apt.

    If we believe Christ to be the King of the Universe, the Savior for All, the One Who Illuminates the Universe, how can His Vicar on Earth pander to such crumbs as the ending of Ramadan?

    • Yes Akita-ette,

      but why do you think I mention the matter?

      Don’t you think “by staying silent I would speak volumes” ? 😉 (your other comment about Voris…).


  2. radjalemagnifique

    « … the so-called religion of peace “joyfully” delights us with news like those coming from Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq. »

    Add Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and even … France !

    Radja le Magnifique

  3. The first sign of a wrong turning was the widespread replacement of the word Gospel by the sappy “good news”. The follow-on promotion by the Church of Nice of an overarching message of lurve’n’joy’n’salvation-for-all was inevitable, and remains, even as the sworn enemies of Christianity go about their business of wiping out Christians of antiquity. Blindfold obligatory.

  4. radjalemagnifique

    P. S. Have you noticed that ‘Francis’ is still naming himself as « Bishop of Rome and Universal Pastor of the Catholic Church », and not as Pope ?

    (Link on Mundabor’s blog)

    Radja le Magnifique

    • I don’t count the times he says “bishop of Rome”. I merely perceive his insistence is not being seen as “the Pope”.

      I mean, he wants you to recognise he is; but he also wants to play humble, so he doesn’t say.


  5. Just in case we didn’t get the message after Lampedusa, Bishop Francis leaves us in no doubt about his dhimmi credentials.

    Cue another round of applause from the media.

  6. St. Francis is not pleased.

  7. radjalemagnifique

    Joy everywhere !

    I just come back from Mass in a small French town (Novus Ordo) and was completely stunned when the priest said, as part of the ‘Universal prayer’ (« Prière universelle »), that we had to « rejoice with the Muslims for the end of their Ramadan » (sic). I didn’t rejoice.

    Radja le Magnifique

    P. S. I had with me a Roman missel of 1902, which says in the ‘Prayer during the Offertory’ :

    […] Don’t forget, Lord, your enemies and mine, have pity of all infidels, the heretics, and of all sinners. […]

    Muslims being infidels, we didn’t were invited at that time to « rejoice » with them, but to draw the benediction of God on them in order they get converted. That’s quite clear from the context : heretics, sinners and so on.

    • It would be interesting to write to the bishop and see whether he answers.

      If you do and so wish, I could publish both your letter and the answer.

      Your call, of course.


    • radjalemagnifique

      Thank you very much for your suggestion, I didn’t think of it ! I would have jumped immediately on it but at this moment I am trying to institute a weekly Traditional Latin Mass in my parish. Others have tried before, with no result, though they had accomplished every step necessary to this : Gather a group, asking the priest of the parish to serve/or make serve a weekly TLM, telling that they would run or participate in diocesan activities, writing to the bishop because the priest is not interested in this : no answer from that source. Writing to the Office in Rome dedicated to this issue : no response. They ended up by going to a diocese a certain distance away, with plenty of TLM-priests, and one of their children being now an Altar Boy there. We, on the opposite site, have no more Altar Boys …

      I had already spoken to our priest after a Mass about my idea, and he sent me to another parish, a few kilometers away. There, they celebrate one TLM about every three months, with no date certain in advance.

      Our priest being at this moment in holidays, and making a part of the ‘Camino de Santiago’, I thought that, may be, he could make there some « Encounters of the Third Type » and, why not, change his mind.

      I have a stable groupe of faithfuls to present to him, as well as one of them offering his private chapel for celebrations. So, no costs, neither of renting, nor heating, nor cleansing … which could be interesting for a modern French clergy who is more interested in finance and ideology (the days of the Saint Curé d’Ars are far away), for the very most of them (one other aspect of the preaching of my Mass of today), than in propagating the Faith.

      I will still keep your suggestion at hand and integrate it in my strategy. If you will, I can report to you step by step, for making some kind of a study case.

      Radja le Magnifique

      P. S. I don’t remember if the priest today spoke of the « end » of the ramadan or of its « breaking ». I’ll return tomorrow to the church and pick up the leaflet of today’s Mass. Anyway, the problem stays the same.

    • Impressive effort, Radja, though I have no doubt the Bishop of Rome would find it… Pelagian?

      If your group even has a private chapel, have you thought of talking to some religious order? They do not need any permission from the Bishop, I understand, and might have or other young man willing to travel?

      Just a thought. Perhaps I’m dreaming.

      Congratulations again!


    • radjalemagnifique

      Coming back with yesterday’s Mass leaflet : the statement about the ramadan is not printed. A women did the lecture of the Universal Prayer at the side of the Altar when the priest interrupted her in the middle of the text and added this odd thing about Muslims, then she went finishing the Prayer. Another off-the-cuff artist is born …

      Radja le Magnifique

    • He takes his inspiration from those in high places…

      Does he run after wheelchairs?


  8. Saint Francis also attempted to convert the Muslims directly even offering to walk through fire with an Imam to prove the truth of our faith (an offer that Saladin’s nephew declined). Perhaps ‘our’ Francis might repeat the offer?

    • I’d love to see that.

      More likely, he would give them a Koran and tell them he wants to share their joy in reading it.

      Mala tempora currunt.


  9. The deracinated catholic conservative collective defends the Pope using Bishop of Rome and it defends his refusal to live in the Apostolic Place etc etc but they would have gone ballistic had their boy, Ronald Reagan, refused to live in the White House and kept referring to his own self as, Governor.

    Speaking of self-referential, isn’t our plucky protestantising Pope forever going on about the evil of being self-referential all the while he is telling others about how he washes his own socks or refuses to wear this, that, or the other, traditional symbol of the Papacy?

    • I have often noticed those who speak much about modesty are incapable to think of everything else than their own.

      More troubling are those who are so easily duped.

      The secular press has discovered the more they flatter Francis, the more he will become mad to get their approval.

      This will be an interesting papacy.

      From which I hope we will be freed soon.


  10. radjalemagnifique

    Free help

    As Mundabor likes to express himself sometimes like a sibyl, and as my Latin doesn’t always go as far, I found a site giving the English equivalent to the Latin citations. For instance :
    « Mala tempora currunt » – « Bad times are upon us »

    I thought this site could interest some of my fellow readers, it’s a real pleasure to look a bit into it :

    Radja le Magnifique

    • Radja,

      Every Latin expression I use is surely never further away than a copy and paste in any search engine you care to mention?


    • radjalemagnifique

      I don’t understand well your question. (In fact, I don’t understand it at all. Sorry, nobody’s perfect!)

      By clicking on the link, you’ll have the whole alphabet in a horizontal line. Click on any of the letters, for instance H. There you’ll have the whole list of all the Latin expressions everyone knows (of course !), except me, a poor but holy cat of the old Siamese temples or a remote cousin of mine, the humble lama of the Argentinian pampa.

      Now click on (for instance) « HIC ET NUNC » and, oh, miracle, you’ll get the English translation : « Here and now ».

      Amazing, isnt’t ?

      Now, not having really understood your question, this answer is very likely to be absurd !

      Radja le Magnifique

      P. S. Absurdity lies in our (feline) genes, as witnessed by my foster brother, the Cheshire cat.

    • Well for a Siamese cat if might be difficult, but for example I can’t imagine any human targeting the google line and typing, say, “vigilantibus, non dormientibus, iura succurrunt translation” or “vigilantibus, non dormientibus, iura succurrunt English” to get to the root of the matter: the laws help those who are awake, not those who sleep.

      I will admit here that, such expressions being far more common among educated Italians, Google Italia will be an even better friend. But truly, Latin is a universal language, reaching even the English-speaking world.

      I’ve read somewhere the Latin translation service of Google is more used than the Irish one. Honestly, it does not surprise me.


  11. A magisterium that does not act like magisterium is not magisterium. Popes bless their predecessors. Read: “Animus Delendi-I Desire to Destroy” by Atila Sinke Guimarâes. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is out to destroy infallible magisterium

    • Infallible magisterium cannot be destroyed because it’s infallible.

      The ordinary magisterium can be rubbish, and often is (a homily, say). But again, we have the infallible (and immutable) ordinary and universal magisterium to allow us to evaluate the ordinary magisterium and decide whether it is in line with Church teaching or not.


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