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Jesus “Homophobic” And “Hater”, Says St. Catherina of Siena

Homophobic Hater: Jesus Christ.

Homophobic Hater: Jesus Christ.
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Some “who am I to judge” Jesuits might do worse than reading a bit of St. Catherina of Siena.

I am reliably informed (though in my ignorance I have never read extensively from this great Saint; a lack I will try to remedy soon)  that the words Our Lord had to say to her about the matter of sodomy are as follows:

“They not only fail from resisting this frailty [of fallen human nature] . . . but do even worse as they commit the cursed sin against nature. Like the blind and stupid, having dimmed the light of their understanding, they do not recognize the disease and misery in which they find themselves. For this not only causes Me nausea, but displeases even the demons themselves, whom these miserable creatures have chosen as their lords. For Me, this sin against nature is so abominable that, for it alone, five cities were submersed, by virtue of the judgment of My Divine Justice, which could no longer bear them. . . . It is disagreeable to the demons, not because evil displeases them and they find pleasure in good, but because their nature is angelic and thus is repulsed upon seeing such an enormous sin being committed. It is true that it is the demon who hits the sinner with the poisoned arrow of lust, but when a man carries out such a sinful act, the demon leaves.”

Interesting words, isn’t it?

Extremely homophobic, I know. What a hater. His website should be taken down. Perhaps the police should be called. Who does he think he is, this Jesus? And why does he believe in demons?

Doesn’t He know Bishop Francis has said to atheist words on the lines of “but do good. We’ll meet there”?

Doesn’t He know sodomy can be just a little “sin of the youth”?

Doesn’t He know sodomy isn’t forbidden in any European countries?

Seriously, this Christ here should take a long, hard look at himself.

It’s no surprise Bishop Francis doesn’t like Him.

This one is exactly the kind of man who would count rosaries.


“Off The Cuff” Comment

The Bishop of Rome, Francis, has (re) appointed Archbishop Guido Pozzo as Secretary of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”.

It could be the first important “straight” appointment of his reign.



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