Jesus “Homophobic” And “Hater”, Says St. Catherina of Siena

Homophobic Hater: Jesus Christ.

Homophobic Hater: Jesus Christ.
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Some “who am I to judge” Jesuits might do worse than reading a bit of St. Catherina of Siena.

I am reliably informed (though in my ignorance I have never read extensively from this great Saint; a lack I will try to remedy soon)  that the words Our Lord had to say to her about the matter of sodomy are as follows:

“They not only fail from resisting this frailty [of fallen human nature] . . . but do even worse as they commit the cursed sin against nature. Like the blind and stupid, having dimmed the light of their understanding, they do not recognize the disease and misery in which they find themselves. For this not only causes Me nausea, but displeases even the demons themselves, whom these miserable creatures have chosen as their lords. For Me, this sin against nature is so abominable that, for it alone, five cities were submersed, by virtue of the judgment of My Divine Justice, which could no longer bear them. . . . It is disagreeable to the demons, not because evil displeases them and they find pleasure in good, but because their nature is angelic and thus is repulsed upon seeing such an enormous sin being committed. It is true that it is the demon who hits the sinner with the poisoned arrow of lust, but when a man carries out such a sinful act, the demon leaves.”

Interesting words, isn’t it?

Extremely homophobic, I know. What a hater. His website should be taken down. Perhaps the police should be called. Who does he think he is, this Jesus? And why does he believe in demons?

Doesn’t He know Bishop Francis has said to atheist words on the lines of “but do good. We’ll meet there”?

Doesn’t He know sodomy can be just a little “sin of the youth”?

Doesn’t He know sodomy isn’t forbidden in any European countries?

Seriously, this Christ here should take a long, hard look at himself.

It’s no surprise Bishop Francis doesn’t like Him.

This one is exactly the kind of man who would count rosaries.


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  1. About 300 years before St.Catherine (who was a Doctor of the Church) another Doctor of the Church, Saint Peter Damian wrote a book ‘Gomorrah’ in which he excoriates those, most particularly priests, guilty of sodomy and says among other things;
    “This vice excludes a man from the assembled choir of the Church . . . it separates the soul from God to associate it with demons: This utterly diseased queen of Sodom renders him who obeys the laws of her tyranny infamous to men and odious to God . . . She strips her knights of the armor of virtue, exposing them to be pierced by the spears of every vice. . . She humiliates her slave in the church and condemns him in court; she defiles him in secret and dishonors him in public; she gnaws at his conscience like a worm and consumes his flesh like fire . . . this unfortunate man [he] is deprived of all moral sense, his memory fails, and the mind’s vision is darkened.”
    I think that this book would make a great present for those who believe that they are going through a marriage ceremony with a person of the same sex (together with a toaster perhaps?)

  2. felicitasperpetua

    St. Catherine has been frequently on my mind ever since Pope Benedict’s resignation. She sorted out the Papacy back in the 15th century and there is no reason to believe that she would be less effective now that she’s in heaven. I regret not having payed more attention in reverence to her before but, in truth, I was always a bit apprehensive weary of her. She is a terrible saint. Terrible in the Greek sense of the word, or as in “terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata”. But enough is enough, and Bishop Francis really deserves what will be coming to him through St. Catherine. If anyone else is willing and able to do a novena/pilgrimage to her grave (for the good of the Papacy) I’ll accompany them with prayer and penance in this intention.


  3. Thanks for that great quote from our Lord to St. Catherine. I haven’t read anything of hers, sorry to say. I went to the link you provided but he doesn’t provide any information of where he got that from (unless I overlooked it). Not that I’m doubting the quote. I just like to know where something came from. Great piece, Mundabor. Thanks.

    • I was looking for the source too, but in the end decided the site seems credible.

      I have ordered the first book today.

      Oh, why must so many of these saintly men and women be Italian… 😉


  4. felicitasperpetua

    Ooops! Wrong century. She only saw the 14th (I must have mixed St Catherine’s dates with St. Vincent Ferrer’s). At any rate, she brought back the Papacy from its Babylonian captivity in Avignon. Our post Vatican II popes are captive to the modern world. Extricating them is going to be a painful process.


  5. Excellent once again.


    Kudos on being noticed and linked to. Those are excellent posts

    • Yes, I notice immediately because I can see all those who link to me.

      I like their humour and combative spirit, and think they are sincere Catholics.

      But they are so wrong.


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