World Sacrilege Day

You can see for yourself on Father Z's blog two pictures of the way the communion was distributed during the recent Francis Show Day.

Apparently the excellent Messa in Latino has more, but I have no heart to go there; what I have seen on Father Z's blog is more than enough for me.

This is an abomination on so many levels. Can't imagine how many very badly instructed Catholics took the host home as a “souvenir”. The number of those who travelled to the place with the intent to get to a host they could desecrate in a black mass, in a video or the like must have been in the dozens, if not in the hundreds. How many hosts fell on the ground and were just left there, trampled by the masses of Francis' groupies, does not bear thinking.

One thinks of those stupid times gone by, when people counted Rosaries and received communion on the tongue.

How the Spirit has worked on the Church.

Eh? Ah? No?

The Bishop of Rome wants people to make a mess.

One cannot deny he is leading by example.



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  1. Mundabor,
    well, to me this suggests one of two things:
    If the Pope believes in Transsubstantiation, he is in favor of sacrilege, as he certainly knew how communion would be distributed and did not stop it.
    If the Pope does not believe in Transsubstantiation, he is a heretic.
    Does he delight in sacrilege? Or does he deny the Faith?
    Tertium non datur. Pick your poison.

    • Ah, you should ask him.

      It’s certainly one of the two.

      Our grandmothers would have been writing to the bishop every second week, if a priest one tenth as scandalous as Bergoglio had been assigned to their parish.

      This is Voris’ “church of nice” incarnate. Talking and walking.

      One must say God has a rather robust sense of humour, or else he is extremely angry at us.


  2. It is absolutely clear now that this move against the FFI is a deliberately-planned stitch-up between a tiny number of dissidents within the Order and the implacable party within the Hierarchy who will anything (and that includes straight-forward lying) to undo and then bin, Summorum Pontificum. Card. Aviz was their front man this time around, but the Bishop of Rome has signed off on it, therefore the rank injustice of the order is his and his alone.

    A careful reading of the various FFI statements, including the latest update shown on Rorate Caeli blog, shows to anyone who knows anything about life that this has been a clever move by the Modernist party. Clearly they have the Bishop of Rome in their hands (no wonder the atrocious Card. Mahoney was cock-a-hoop at Imbroglio’s election), despite all his waffle about “lobbies” being “a problem” (though not the homosexual lobby, evidently. Even proven scandal isn’t enough to have one of their number dislodged).

    Given the appalling state of Imbroglio’s Archdiocese in Argentina, why is one not surprised?

    Vatican II just keeps on giving its fruits ….. !

    Face it people. It is as a much, much better Jesuit (Fr. Malachi Martin) said way back in the 1980’s and before: the institutional Church is in the hands of the devil.

    Benedict Carter

    • Hi Ben,

      I have followed the matter of the FFI on Rorate and yes, it is clear something very fishy is going on.

      Methinks, this is a ballon d’essai, a first attempt at seeing how people react. In the near or not so near future, other restrictions might be applied, then some more. When Summorum Pontificum is revoked with some lame excuse (“it confuses the faithful”, or “Latin leads one to count rosaries”) many will be already expecting the news. Or perhaps I am just too pessimistic, as it is not easy for me to digest the idea Francis would give the SSPX such a gift.

      If you ask me, Bergoglio is not in the hand of the neo-modernist party. He is their leader. Only he seems so ignorant of basic Catholicism one can wonder how conscious he is of this.

      Still, this is the Barque, and the only one there is. Whilst I do think it is polluted and deeply infiltrated by heresy and perversion, I am sure many good men continue to do their faithful job, waiting and hoping for better times.


  3. Consider also those cups with sacred crumbs in them were probably thrown in a trash can. Ugh! I am no fan of WYD. We spend way too much time entertaining the “youth” of the world. The typical parish program is about fun, fun, fun. It’s actually funny (in a sad way) to observe the adults jumping through hoops to ensure the kiddies are entertained while absolutely nothing is expected from the kids.

    • I have even seen old bishops behaving like old drunk nincompoops in the hospice.

      Apparently, the “choreographer” that “led” them is another faggot, or one at least very near to them.

      But hey, who are we to judge?


  4. When the World Loves the Catholic Church you know it is no longer the True Catholic Church! God Help Us All!!

  5. quiavideruntoculi

    Father recounted to me his own little mishap with consecrated hosts during Mass; some of his lace got snagged somehow, and he accidentally tipped them all over the altar and the floor.

    He described it as the worst thing that happened in his entire life. This pope shows himself not just unworthy of the pontificate, but unworthy of the priesthood tout court.

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