Desmond Tutu Chooses Hell

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In the hope this may give you some slight consolation – or at least a laugh; though the problem is very serious – in the midst of the antics of the Bishop of Rome, I thought it fitting to report about a layman styling himself as a priest, a Desmond Tutu, certainly known to those of you who appreciate comedy.

Said Mr Tutu participated to another of the many satanic ways in which the satanic UN waste our money: the opening of a “gay-right campaign” in Cape Town.

The man – if he is a real man; at this point it is legitimate to doubt – is on record with the following, utterly and entirely satanical, statement:

“I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”

It is difficult to explain to a Christian in a better way the mechanism through which people pave their way to hell.

This man ticks all the boxes: he is in open rebellion to the undisputed Christian tradition of 2,000 years, and his rebellion is so strong and so explicit that it leads Tutu to the extreme, and actually rather logical, consequence: to him, it is better to go to hell than to accept God's “homophobic” rules on sodomy.

Wannabe little god against One True God. Who is going to win?

Read the statement, if you will, again, and then again. The pride of it. The arrogance. The shamelessness. The blasphemy.

Lucifer couldn't have said it better, and Tutu has openly chosen to belong to him, in a very public way.

Many people seem to believe no one really desires hell, and those who end up there are actually “surprised” by an unexpected outcome. This is, clearly, not Mr. Tutu's case. Unless he repents – and he better do so publicly, methinks – it is extremely difficult to imagine how he can avoid that his will be done; unless, of course, God gave us His rule as a form of joke, or to allow us to change them according to the wishes of the UN, or of satanical individuals on an ego trip.

Now you might say: “but Mundabor! Who are you to judge?”.

I reply that I am certainly not condemning Tutu to any hell – though if it were for me to choose, of course I would. I would like a shot. – Here, though, it is very clear that -bar an always welcome repentance – Tutu has condemned himself to hell in the most obvious of ways. Not because I say so, but because God says so.

I know, I know.

The Bishop of Rome would tell Mr. Tutu: “but do good, we will meet there”.

I must say that if you ask me, the suspicion is more than legitimate that the two will, in fact, meet there.



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  1. At least Tutu does not exclude the possibility that God does in fact disapprove of sodomy. Many clergymen, including some Catholic priests, appear to be convinced that He regards this sin with at least indifference and, more probably, positive approval. One Anglican Cathedral ‘Dean’ recently said that sexual acts which are mutually acceptable are ‘morally neutral’. Appeals to Scripture are falling on deaf ears, apparently Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for a failure to show ‘hospitality’ to strangers and St. Paul was talking about strictures that applied only in his own time and culture and these no longer apply. What a mess!

    • Well, Satan is positively sure that God condemns sodomy…

      I do think, though, that Tutu does not believe it either, and says that if it appears that God is at variance with him, it must be obvious those who think so are wrong.


  2. In one sense it is we who choose He’ll as our abode and God merely “seals the deal”. Pray for this man because it appears that God has permitted him to run headlong towards eternal perdition and encourage others to follow him.

  3. Message for D. Tutu: Go, man, go!

  4. That comment is so asinine it’s hard to know where to begin to analyze it. He is is making God into his own image. God cannot be “phobic” of anything. Again, the pandering to the public’s insatiable appetite for soundbytes. That this man led the Anglican church in South Africa is astounding. You’d think he spent his time reading Marvel comics rather than the wisdom of the Church Fathers. Tutu is making himself a god, the arbiter of what is good and evil.

    • In Italy some would say that he believes he has appeared to the Blessed Virgin… 😉

      He has clearly appointed himself as minor god, who says what is what.

      There will be wailing, and gnashing of (the few remaining) teeth…


  5. If he does go there, he will be hanging-out with Usurers – at lest according to Dante – both of whom, sodomite and usurer, try to ram it in your rear.

    • I am less interested in the detail than in the substance, thanks… 😉

      On the other hand, if Bergoglio ends up there I do not think he will complain much. After all, who is he to judge?


  6. To choose Hell is one thing but to Arrive is quite another! At least he will be in the company of his own!!

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