Senectus Ipsa Est Morbus

complete idiotOne of the people I have put in my list of personae non gratae is an old nincompoop who – after a life that I assume, after careful consideration, very badly spent – has nothing better to do than to try to post here. The man is undoubtedly a Proddie, deluding himself that he is a priest; which, in itself, says a lot.

A “priest”, would you believe it, trying to post here without pause like a six-years old boy seeking some sort of validation, or hoping to get the audience he does not get in real life. A “priest”, by the way, insulting me in a rather gross manner, having eventually noticed (after, perhaps, twenty attempts?) that his comments are binned without a second thought. It all happens, in fact, automatically, courtesy of the WordPress software.

I doubt those who know the man – if he is a man; at this point he could be an old dyke – in the flesh think of him better than I do.

Another of the people keeping him company in the same list is – or so I thought –  a pseudo-Catholic poster who says she (if memory serves) is oh so Catholic, but so different from bigoted people like me and, in fact, you. I seem to remember he (she) said she attends the Traditional Latin Mass, “but…” . She certainly tried to put forward “traddie” credentials.

Today, I found in my rubbish bin (where the messages land automatically, and are automatically cleaned up after a while; but I do peep every now and then to see whether some worthy message has been unjustly caught in the net, which happens regularly) the same message posted, with exactly the same words, from both.

What shall I say? Poor old man. He was most certainly never a genius; but age clearly doesn’t help. Senectus ipsa est morbus.

The poor man is very probably past redemption, and the episode doesn’t deserve more than a short amused notice. Still, I have decided the following policy change: all those who say “I am a fan of the Traditional Latin Mass, but…” (insert here a variation of the usual rubbish) are trolls or sock puppets. No exceptions I am afraid. Not one.

When such a message appears, I will delete it without fail, and put the author immediately in the spam list.

If you are a sincere friend of the Traditional Mass, think and write like one. If I suspect you are a troll or a Proddie or a modernist masquerading as a friend of Tradition, you’ll never have the opportunity to show you aren’t.

And yes, I will “judge” you. That’s how Catholic I am.


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  1. You’re a terrible man, Mr Mundabor. So clear and to the point. Such a traditionalist too. I’m shocked – really I am. This will never do. And censoring heretics – gasp !.

  2. As there is no chance of meeting you in this life, I hope after my passage through purgatory, I am kneeling next to you at the Beatific Vision, M. You are a hoot. To know you are Italian yet thoroughly acclimated to British life, to the point of comfortably using their jargon, makes me smile. Thank you for keeping us focused on a daily basis. You set such a good example. I see your promises for rosaries on another blog, and I want to do likewise. My prayer life has improved because of you, Mundabor. May Our Beautiful Lady shower continued graces on you.

    • Thanks, Akita-ette, but I do think we will meet in Purgatory before that moment!
      I will be the loud one, witthe the itaaliane accente, eh… 😉


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