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Meet The Comment Sissy

On the blog “Southern Orders” there was the usual exchange of comments about the Novus Ordo on occasion of the latest scandal (yours truly reported), when the usual Comment Sissy showed up (nickname: “anonymous”; you never know which “anonymous” is “anonymous”) and said the critics of the Novus Ordo were uncharitable, un-this, and un-that. There had been no vitriolic comments, merely a very mild sarcasm.

A good soul, nickname “Templar” (nice one, by the way) intervened with the following words:

I grew up in New York, the Priests from my parish lived exactly 7 doors down from me and our interaction with them was daily and very personal. They were mostly Irish and Italian, most cussed like sailors (refraining only from taking the Lord's name), used acerbic wit to cut down many a sinner, and wouldn't back down from a fight if it came to it.

Good Bye good men.

Now we have anonymous posters who wring their hands over bruised feelings, and perceived slights. What you sow is what you reap. We have raised up milquetoast Catholics. Where is the Church Militant? Where are the Warriors? Islam is burying the world through birth rate and butchery, and us Catholics are afraid of some rough language.

The poster hits the bull's eye in a very pithy way.

We live in times of such unmanliness that by every exchange of opinion that reaches the level of more than mild disapprobation someone – the Comment Sissy; they are everywhere – feels the need to intervene and say how “disparaging” and insensitive other people are.

In former times, such people would have been invited to go play with their dolls; nowadays, the Comment Sissy is socially accepted, and thinks he has firmly taken the moral high ground; it is like a pervert game of political correctness, in which the first one crying “disparaging” has won. I don't need to tell you that Comment Sissy loves to comment on this blog, though you never get to read him.

This degeneration is everywhere: in the blog comments, in the Internet forum, in the office, at the pub, with the neighbours. An entire civilisation is being made effeminate by this flipping obsession with being “sensitive”. In turn, the word police uses this to avoid the ugly truths being said. We are truly raising a generation of sensitive females with a willie. Thank Goodness there are no real Commies around anymore (only the fake ones), but I wonder how these sensitive sissies would fare if confronted with, say, a serious Islamic threat.

Confront this, if you please, with the past age so well described by “Templar”: an age in which even priests would be harsh without giving scandal, because society was more interested in truth than in sissifying itself; and if a priest had a robust emotional life, well, so be it.

Oh for a world where men can be men, and priests are seen and recognised as men rather than the sissified non-entities we see so often around us.

Manly priests lead to vocations. Sissified priests lead to child abuse law suits.

Next time you see a manly priest, find a way to show him your appreciation for his authentic – that is: manly – priesthood.

As to this blog, I can confidently promise you it will remain free of comment sissies.


Political Correctness Gravely Harms Your Health

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We are now informed that, in an unprecedented decision, a Swedish council has decided that a mosque in Stockholm can install speakers on its minaret to call its people to prayer. The speakers will be audible within (unless it is a typo) two kilometres, which covers the territory of a small-ish city. Whilst It might be true that the local community is composed prevalently of Muslim immigrants, two km of radius is an awful lot of space, so this should be fun for a lot of people.

One sees here political correctness at work. Sweden certainly has laws concerning sound pollution & Co., but it was evidently decided a local community can make its own rules. One wonders, then, what prevents this community from having its own laws in matter of pork eating, alcohol drinking, honour killing, infibulation, and the like.

Political correctness does not think logically. Actually…

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