Political Correctness Gravely Harms Your Health

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We are now informed that, in an unprecedented decision, a Swedish council has decided that a mosque in Stockholm can install speakers on its minaret to call its people to prayer. The speakers will be audible within (unless it is a typo) two kilometres, which covers the territory of a small-ish city. Whilst It might be true that the local community is composed prevalently of Muslim immigrants, two km of radius is an awful lot of space, so this should be fun for a lot of people.

One sees here political correctness at work. Sweden certainly has laws concerning sound pollution & Co., but it was evidently decided a local community can make its own rules. One wonders, then, what prevents this community from having its own laws in matter of pork eating, alcohol drinking, honour killing, infibulation, and the like.

Political correctness does not think logically. Actually…

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  1. Ugh. I live in England, and every day I have to hear the incessant, godawful, monotonous droning of this Muslim crap from the neighbors next door. I literally have to put headphones on in my own room, because the stuff is maddening. It’s either that or complain and maybe get arrested by the Blair/Brown/Cameron Sensitivity Gestapo. Can’t they all just pack into East London and stay there? Or better yet, go back where they came from if they refuse to assimilate?

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