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Persecution of Catholics in Austria

Read here on the Eponymous Flower the English translation of an article on Kreuz Net (the new site) about what is happening in Austria.

I have already written about the persecution of loyal Catholics going on in Austria when the old Kreuz.Net site was forced to close. It gets worse and worse.

I see in this a typical disease of the German-speaking countries: to insist in doing everything to excess, until they get their ass bombed to persuade them to change their mind.

Still, one wonders how long will it be until the same Nazi mentality penetrates in exactly the same manner the Anglo-Saxon or Southern European societies.

All this, fuelled by the immense stupidity of our time, which puts niceness and hurt feeling above elementary concepts of decency and freedom.

Remember: the worst enemy is the Nazi next door. What is happening in Austria now, might be happening by us in a not too distant future.


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